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If you randomly found a condom in your spouse's wallet/purse, would you confront them?
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If you randomly found a condom in your spouse's wallet/purse, would you confront them?


If you aren't going to talk to them about something that significant ... why would you talk to them about anything?

HELL YES, especially since we don't use them!

I sure would!

yes....but then I would need a good reason why I was snooping in his wallet!

The Last Scion
With a fist to the mouth


I wouldn't randomly find a condom in my husband's wallet because I don't go through his things. I have my own wallet, there's no need for me to ever have his.

However, if he happened to open his wallet and one fell out, I'd ask him about it. We have a very honest relationship. He would tell me if he had it just in case he got into a situation. I always told him that if he cheated on me, he'd better use a condom. So I wouldn't cut his throat or get in his face or anything. But I would ask just so that I didn't feel like an idiot. Like I said, we're very honest about everything so I would already know he was having an affair before I found a condom.

julie s
of course i would confront him... we dont use condoms so there is no reason he should have one with him...

what is it exactly someone does with a condom?
sounds like grounds for divorce.

apples 2
considering we don't use condoms... uh yeah....

yes , why would they be bringing around a condom for a just in case encounter... very suspicious to me. they shouldn't be worrying about a condom unless there in the bedroom with you

Is this a serious question or did you just want to get a flood of replies?

My husband and I don't use condoms so if I found one in his wallet, then I would probably come over all shaky and my heart would start hammering because there is only one explanation as to why he would have one. He intended to use it with someone else - a pro or a lover. I would check out the date stamped on it too.

I then might leave it in the wallet and check again as often as I could to see if it was still there. Did its disappearance tie in with him being out for the night, or away during the day?

I did and I have. It was a lame excuse, but I had the right to ask and I would have expected the same if he found one in my purse.

Oh yeah I would!!!

hummm YES! what the hell what would he need a rubber for stupid?

Were you snooping?
Regardless- yes I would have to confront him or follow him

UM, Of course I would confront them. We do not use them and I can think of no reason to have one unless she is cheating. I have had a Vasectomy so she does not need them.

It would be likely that I would find condoms in her possession. My girlfriend does sometimes carry condoms in her purse, because she's been in too many situations (parties, etc.) where people got carried away, found themselves in need of a condom, and nobody had one. She's a strong believer in taking preventative measures against the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Because of this, we've both been known to carry condoms that we weren't intending to use personally.

Oh yeah I would.

Definitely if you both don't use them together... there would be no need for him to have one.

Katie C
I don't know if confront is the word I would use. I would first think of all the possible reasons that actually make sense as to why he would have one.

Is it his brand? Is it his size? Was it hidden? Was there only one? Is he the kind of guy who would cheat? If any of these are Yes, I would plan for a time when he is relaxed and ask him. Don't buy into a b.s. answer that doesn't make any sense.
No man in his right mind is going to pocket a rubber that he "found" or his buddy didn't want to carry around anymore.
It's either his, and he has a good reason, or he is cheating.
No if ands or buts.


u should ask!!!!!!

I think I would since we haven't used one in way over a year

Yeah!! That's a big red flag.

*‚ô•Beauty is pain‚ô•*
Depends, does he use condoms with you? If not then yes I certainly would.

I would not jump to anything. I know that myself personally have bought condoms WITH THE THOUGHT OF USING THEM WITH MY WIFE even when we didnt need to use them. Example, I have bought the different colored ones and also the ones that have different flavors etc. to maybe try to put a little spice in the bedroom. Just used as foreplay so to speak. I carried some for months before I got the guts to bring them out and put one on. The colored ones are cool btw.Just something different.
The moral is I wouldnt jump to any conclusions and risk something blowing up in your face. Hell , he maybe cheating,but whats it hurt to keep an eye on things and give it a few days to play out. Mark the condom package with a small razor blade cut.Check it out in a few days and see if it has been replaced.
Iwould keep it in my wallet if it were me,I would just stop on the way to where ever I was going and get what I needed at the time.

Was it used?

Do you use condoms?

sure.. ask him why... whats worng with asking him why he has a condom?
Did you really need to ask this question?

Whats so random about going through someones wallet?
But if I do find it I would ask.

Yes. We don't use condoms. I probably wouldn't believe whatever b.s. answer he had. I can also tell when he's lying.

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