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Is it ok for your boyfriend or husband to watch you poop?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it ok for your boyfriend or husband to watch you poop?


If both of you agree it is fine. Personally i kind of like watching a guy take a leak, the other I can do without. To each his own.

i have been married for ten years and still won't have him in the bathroom when i'm taking a s***.... no thanks thats my time to do my busniess..


only if he wipes my as* too...


Aaaaaaaa... have u ppl got no privacy...

Some things are meant to be private. THAT exercise is one of them!


I think to each their own. If you have no problem with it then why not. But if he does it to you, see how much he would like it having someone watch him. If he is uncomfortable, then tell him not to watch you any more. But seriously though, why would you want to watch someone in the bathroom for, its different if they are shaving or something but pooping?

No that should be personal time!

yes its ok if they want to its not a law against it and its not a sin

If that's what you like sure but why would they want too?

it depends...if you look at it it's normal...evrybody poops but I prefer privacy....

not for me

ah no, there needs to be boundries there

test him, lets see what he does when you watch him, but laugh at him while you are doing it

What do you think?

If you are comfortable with your boyfriend/husband. I think it's cute seeing females poop. There's so many other things that females do that ya'll keep to yourself like: putting in your thing thing for that time of the month, and using your cream for your occasional y***t infection.

You're really comfortable with your man when you can do your business while he's shaving or taking a shower.

Good luck and God Bless.

It's NEVER ok!

umh no but if you both dont care then i guess thats fine.

when you first get married you have to admit, it may be kind of awkward, but when you get older and are already grandparents and that kind of thing, I guess you can say it's cool lol

NO WAY----I can barely stand myself, let alone anyone else. One time though, i had to poop over my friends house (he is african), i could not believe he had a full length stand up mirror in front of his toilet. I thought this was really weird.

To each their own but no way is my husband going to watch me do that. And I certainly don't want to watch him.

This is something that should and needs to be done in private.Who wants to stand by and watch someone poop.This is just crazy( on both parts).I don't want to watch someone poop and I sure don't want someone standing by watching me either.

Ok I have to hand it to you for asking such a question!!! I personally think that some things should be kept private,but I do know some people that don't care if their husband or wife is in the bathroom while they take a crap! Kind of gross


♥Miss 87♥
My man would definitely not be watching me...that's personal time.

Billy C
?????? be in the bathroom -
or be right behind you ( that's kinda' sick)

I have been married for 6 years and that still weirds me out


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