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Is it wrong to fall in love with a married man while being married yourself too?
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Is it wrong to fall in love with a married man while being married yourself too?

my marriage is on the verge of a breakup and in the meantime i have fallen in love with another man who is married. his relations with his wife are just okay.both of us need emotional support but i cant bring my conscience to carry on , thinking that i might be breaking his home.he says its okay coz both of us are not gods and both of us need each other emotionally.i am very confused coz it is giving me mental stress every single day.my conscience is fighting with my emotions. i dont know what to do .please help..........!


Frank S
Go for it! And then in the back of your mind when you are with him you will always wonder if the scumbag is giving someone else the same line behind your back.

Matter of fact, you aren't much better. Get out of a marriage first before screwing around.

Aaron W
OK to feel the feelings... wrong to act on them.

youre only going to get yourself into more emotional stress by being aroiund this married man.

Well, it's certainly not the best possible scenario, lol. Forget it...it ain't going to happen the way you've got it worked out in your head.

that is called an affair

LORD do think you are the only one that has trouble with their husband we all . you are married to this man till you devoice no it it not right for you to have a fair with this man . and itis not right to break up his marriage how would would you this women did this to you. plus he might be just saying this you . and i dought he is going to leave his wife . people need to read the bible when it comes to this. it well answer all your question.

yes it is wrong and you know it is that is why you are fighting with yourself. if your marriage is truly over, then you need to get a divorce. if you need emotional support find a female friend or go to counseling. leave this man alone. if his marriage is truly over, then he should get a divorce too. then and only then should you be together. i know it's hard because you do love him but you are going to have to make a conscience effort to stay away from him until you get your life in order. no phone calls, no lunches, no innocent cups of coffee, no emails, nothing. i'm not saying stop loving him because that is probably not going to happen. but you have to finish reading chapter 1 before you go on to chapter 2.

i hope this helps and i hope everything works out for you.

Sounds like a Sandra Bullock movie.If you can't save your marriage you better make sure he loves you before you ruin his.

their are a few things that I firmly believe in,and one of them is "don't mess with another woman's man" it just isn't right! they may just be having problems right now & dont need you adding more!so either work on your marriage or find someone single!

Are you sure that he wants to leave family if not why u want to b reason for that, there are so many lives around 1 marriage. u r need is emotional support hope this guy is not using u physically or either way. Physical attraction is something different than emotional tie up.

I don't think anyone can control the way they feel about something or someone, so I don't think it is inherently "wrong" to fall in love with someone, regardless of marital status.

It IS wrong to act on those emotions and feelings while being married. If you or he are in anyway acting in a manner which you would not want your spouses to know, it is wrong wrong wrong!

Lu Lu ‚ô•
Of course it is wrong. Where the hell is your head at. If your marriage is so horrible then get out but leave the married men alone, You already are a homewrecker and I dont feel one bit sorry for you. Are you always gonna let some man tell you what you should feel or what is right or wrong? Grow a spine lady and make your own judgements.

to late you have already broke his home, you both should have thought of that before hand, and think about who you are married to and why you got married in the first place. im sorry if this hurts, yes i no your only human and alot do this, so all i can do is say do what your heart wants, but just think about things first ok. good luck

sarah c
Go to a counselor. I'm sure you need some emotional support to go through the breakup but you don't need to break up the other guys marriage as well.

first settle the marriage you're in, than resolve to wait, because this is when you'll be vulnerable and a married man looking for some side action will always look and sound good, but is not traveling far from home.
give yourself some downtime and get to know yourself, the possibilities are not in your favor of a relationship going right with constant upheaval in your emotions.
you are in a great dilemma and you need some advise for sure but be VERY careful how soon you dive into a relationship.
it's one thing to be in love and scared about it but in double-jeopardy, man, the loss is tenfold.
please take the time for YOU and get through this as a whole person rather than crushed and brokenhearted.

you are absolutely wrong... remove the third person and patch-up with your hubby...

you must be having ego... right? it has no place in married life... good luck...

Your having a hard time with your marriage yes but dont try and break his up so that you can be together.
You dont know that he will be with you once he leaves his wife.
He may need you or so he says.. but for how long?
Try and give your marriage another chance -

Hell yes it is wrong. Both of you are in the wrong. Haven't you ever heard of a marriage counselor or a divorce instead of cheating on your husband if your really not happy and it's not fixable you guys need to break up then and you tell the other man you don't want to keep seeking him for comfort leave the guy alone from now on and work it out with your husband tell him what you did and if he leaves why should you care if your really not happy being married to him. If you were you wouldn't have done this to him.

I am not judging, but speaking from experience most of us men will lead a woman on saying that our marriage is rocky and that we are looking to get out. Don't be fooled and don't be responsible for breaking up a family. End your relationship with this man until he and you are divorced, afterwards when both of you are available make a go at a relationship. This way you wont feel the stress and guilt, if he really loves you he will wait, if not then he isn't worth your time.

I do not condone divorces, and know that as long as you or him have someone else in your lives you will not try your 100% to solve your problems in your marriage (what happened to me). You already have a foot out the door, or a backup plan.

Your marriage can still work, no matter what! As long as you are willing to make a go at it. I have been married now for almost 16 years, and we are extremely happy now. We worked past my affair and I have NEVER cheated on her again. Good Luck hope you find happiness as I have.

He is going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear and what it takes to keep you in bed. You are very wise to wait until both of you are single before seeing this man. Right now it is too easy to mistake perceived compassion for true love. If it is love, he will wait for the right time.

hi this is mandy
i think if there is not good relation between his and his wife,he should have to leave her , and he should have to marry with you.
have a nice married life

dipti prakash
love with damaging other life not a blessing of God.but love with all sacrifices is real blessing of God.u love one but why other will sacrifice for u .u have fallen in love with other man who is already married.I do not think urs love will bloosom with him getting blessing of God where as a other person will immolate for it.do not try to hurt other.if want to love then love humanity then off course u will be loved by God.try to make u understand that and also to your lover.just concentrate on other thing and to what for u can sacrifice.it is more important to a be a perfect human being than a perfect lover.

it is important to have a clean conscience.i know how u are feeling.u don't know what to do:to listen to ur heart or ur mind?if u say this stresses u dayly then...re u sure u didn't meet the wrong guy again?i wish u luck.u know what u have to do!not others!

Common Sense
Do not commit adultery...

Get your head back on straight.....do not carry on with a married man, hon.... you think your brain is screwy rabbit now, you have no idea how much worse you are going to be.... It ain't okay.

its unethical..immoral...illegal ..unreligious..anti-social.
its all the bads girl. but what do we do of this heart ???
im sure it will bring lots of shame if you have an affair or marry this guy ...after all...its wrong.
the best would be to break all bonds with this guy and focus on marriage ,,, whys it breaking ??? work on it. if it still seems bleak ..befor making hasty decissions ... SECURE yourself ... are you qualified enough ? save.. make yourself secure financially..and babe then ask your emotinal supporter .. is he willing to let go his wife ? sweetheart ... falling out of luv with someone ..not wantin to be with him anymore ... is understandable but why WANT a substitute? Handle yourself ... hearts ...are not supposed to rule our heads ...once awhile ok.
And why i suggest marriage etc ..cos an affair is an affair ..looked badly upon.
good luck..

Chix D
Yes it's wrong to go through with it, but it's definitely understandable. When your marriage is sour, I can surely see how easily it would be to get the attention you need and just do what your heart wants, but you have to put your mind back into it. Decide what you want and if you really want each other, you must first get out of the marriage, both of you. I'm in a bad relationship now and if I had something to look forward to, I would feel the same as you. Just make sure you really know what you want before you do it.

ms rodriguez
First of all stop . You willnot find happiness with someone elses leftovers. You need to think about how the wife would feel that you broke up her home not to mention your own marrieage. You are searching for attention also you want to be loved and accepted. You may have some unrealistic expectations of your marriage. Go to counseling first then go individually to dig deep and find out what is empty also missing in you . It is a fantasy you have because you actually want to be with your husband deep down and trying to escape it by getting back at him with someone elses husband. Not smart nor safe. I beg you to go or figure out if you and he want this then if not resolve it ammicably then go to heal you and get on with your life. Find out what you want and is important to you. TAke himout of the equation. I promise you when you sitdown and think about the reasons your marriage is not working for you there will be lessons you will learn of your own behaviors.

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