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Is wrong to fantasize about another man while making love to your husband?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is wrong to fantasize about another man while making love to your husband?

Mind you he (husband)claims to be better than it had been for sometime.


Fantasy is a flight of the mind about which one may have no control.

You WITH your husband, not another man.
As long as you know the difference, and don't intend to change that, no biggie.


Angel D
What would your husband think if he knew? Some men would find it a turn on and some would be totally ticked.

But honestly I don't think it is healthy for the relationship.

As long as you KNOW it is just a fantasy. Trust is the first building block of a good relationship. You don't have to tell him everything! No it is not wrong if you do it right!

L bell
NO, Fantasies are just that; fantasies. If you make them a reality it changes, othersize if if it's fun and makes you horny you are both in a win win situation. You may stay married for longer too!


selma b
It sounds like hubby knows about this ,so if he's ok with it then there is no real problem.A fantasy is a fantasy
I personally don't see anything wrong with it.

I am sure he fantisizes about other women while making love to you!

Yes it is wrong. The fact that you had to ask if it was though worries me

yeah but sometimes you just can't help it...

you can prolly do that if you never let it get out...

yes it's wrong. it will desensitize you to your husband and make you more prone or susceptible to cheating in the long run.

brasil r
your such a dirty H.....person. of course its wrong, a person doesent need that mch intellignece to answer that question.

DayZd Juggernaut
That just sounds like dirty talk to me. And yes, that can be fun.

sereta zandrae
Sometimes that is the only way to get through it.

it wrong/ to be think about some other guy while you with your
husband. how would you feel if he was thinking about some other

yeah it's wrong.


yes its wrong...

Matty G
I wouldn't mind..... to a point.

Got Curves?
Yes its wrong.

if you asked the question you know it's wrong..
teach hubby how to be better for you.
he can take it.
sometimes they get set in their ways but he would
probably like a change too.
he maybe thinking the same thing about you.
So go ahead treat him to a change.....

Yes, I think that it is wrong to do that when you are loving your husband. You should be fantasizing about him instead of some scum bag off the street.

leslie b
Let me tell you something men can tell when your mind is on someone else i don't know how they just can. If you have to fantasize about someone else your husband needs to do something alittle different.

I'd be willing to bet he has fantasized about other women while with you.

It happens, as long as it remains a fantasy what's the harm?

Brown eyes
..... DUDE! .....
well if he's not doin it for you any more... oh well.

silver star
We all know it's Wrong, but we still do it! ha-ha!

Kay S
This happens to everyone woman. Yeah adultry thoughts are bad and so is lust especially when married. But depicting on how long you have been married and how in love you are, I honestly wouldnt worry about it. What is really wrong he is enjoying it and well you are having thoughts, and thoughts are much much better then actions of your thoughts! Dont worry about it so much, just remind yourself how much you love your man.

If your not completely into your husband, that means your probably in a rut. You need something to spice up your relationship. Please don't retreat into a fantasy land, make your own!!! Convince your husband to work out, extra tone always helps. Stur things up a bit with different music, scents, new scenery, anything out of the ordinary. Convince him to become a little more spontaneous. Imagining another man while wrong is a fairly common thing born from boredom, but its easily corrected.

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