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Last night I got my wife's sister pregnant by accident, what do I do?
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Last night I got my wife's sister pregnant by accident, what do I do?

We were just fooling around and things got hot and heavy and I accidently got her pregnant, would my wife understand this?


u are in trouble man......... are u nuts?....... better to tell your wife n be ready for the tthrashing........ good luck

Mia Wallace
It takes longer than that to tell when you are pregnant numbnuts

go on the maury show

you are full of ****! you can't get someone pregnant one night and know the next day. And do you really think any self respecting woman should or would understand you doing such an ignorant thing?

That is complete nonsense.You would not know the following day that she is pregnant.grow up.

No she probably won't understand you were just fooling around and I'm just so amazed that you already know before any test could be done she is already pregnant. Wow what brilliant minds you all have they have the overnight pill to prevent pregnancy and now they have the overnight test to prove it who would have thought. :-)

last night huh..mkay, I bet you are a 12 year old kid..talking sh*t..cuz if you just did ot last night..you cannot know if she is pregnant..

Cheryl J
1st off how do you know you got her pregnant there is no way to tell this soon if she tells you I bet it is not yours and what is her sister doing sleeping with her sisters husband and if you love your wife what are you doing sleeping with your wife's sister - no way would your wife understand this

Trevor B
No, you should get any gun you can find and shoot yourself in the left eyeball. That will solve all of your problems.

u r an idiot and dont deserve a wife

Is this even a real question? It is not possible to know if someone is pregnant the next day. Blood test could not even detect the hcg hormone that quickly. The soonest a blood test will show up positive is about 2 weeks. Your wife should leave you, you are an idiot!

How do you accidently have an affair SLIP AND FALL. And who can know they are pregant after a few hours thats crazy

First of all how do you know sh's pregnant if it just happened last night. and you should go to your wife and tell her about everything. If she's forgiving person she will forgive you if not she will dump your *** and be very mad at her sister for a while which would be the best thing to do

Be an honest and brave man, tell her the truth, she will probably leave you, but seing as you dont deserve a wife this should probably have happened sooner. I dont know why one stupid mistake could harm so many people at one time, may God forgive you for your sins.

I doubt the story, but for real in high school a kid got two girls that are sisters pregnant. Their kids are first cousins and half brothers.

A new way out to **** your sister-in-law.

Fisrt of all you shouoldn't be messin around with your sister in law. and second you dumb
a_ _ how do you know shes pregnant? it takes longer than a day to find out. Oh ya , I forgot your the dumb a_ _ that was messin with your sister in law.

oh crap geez at least use protection!. now you've got to take responsibility for this. whether she gets an abortion, or you get honest with your wife and tell her. you cant keep her in this secret forever. it was your mistake, now make out for it! but if it were my boyfriend who did this, i believe he deserves death penalty, so he'd better not :P

if nothing works, ask Jerry springer for help :P

Nate The Great
All I can say is...."HA!"...

How would you know she is preg already? Give me a break. It would take a minimum of two weeks to take a test.

If she does turn out to be preg, you wife WILL NOT understand. Well, she will understand that you are an ***, and her sister is also. You will be divorced, and she won't speak to her sister for years.

Rhonda S
Well I didn't no that **** like that happens, after all we live in a age that you should !!! Some how change your ways D aamm that. **** is **** up 4 real. "LEAVE TOWN IF YOU WAS MY MAN.'

in your dreams fat boy

LOL.. Run, hide, cause that's yo a**.!!

bill loomer
bubba, i don't know for sure what your wife will say or do, however, i did stay at a holiday inn express last night!

??? that's a pretty fast pregnancy test!!

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