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My Ex-wife wont file for divorce?
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My Ex-wife wont file for divorce?

first of all, I CANT FILE FOR DIVORCE BECAUSE I DONT HAVE THE MONEY!! IM UNEMPLOYED!! Second, I applied at over 50 places since I have been seperated with my wife. None of them called me back. I am trying this again because 15 of the comments I got on my last question told me to file myself, I DONT EVEN HAVE $150 TO FILE FOR DIVORCE!!

She doesnt want anything to do with me and trying to date other men. I have no interest in her anymore and its nagging on me that she wont file for divorce. She highjacked my laptop computer along with money I gave her before I left. Stuff I assumed was necessary since I might get back with her again. Well its been clear to me now that she was just trying to take stuff from me. And I wouldnt be surprised that this ***** just wants to take more stuff. So because of this I am NOT GOING TO LOOK FOR A JOB ANYMORE. I will be living with my parents and let them know my situation. I cant stand my parents but they would understand the situation. I want her to file for divorce and its been over 5 months since I left her house. She hasnt filed for divorce yet. Its nagging on me and I am getting paranoid. Although an attorney reassured me already that she couldnt come after me for alimony because I have no assets and no income and most attorneys wouldnt take the case because there isnt a large sum of money in this matter. I am just getting fed up that she is not filing for divorce yet and she is dating other men. I dont want anything to do with her anymore. I changed my phone number so that she cant contact me no more. I have a feeling that she is trying to manipulate me and it makes me furious!
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what you are too messed up to realize is that everything she is doing is working perfectly on you. she is driving you insane. OJ went crazy too. The best thing you can do is stop monitoring what SHE"S doing and concentrate on what you're doing. Mellow out, get work, get divorced and live well... Even if you sued for divorce, she can extend the duration of the process just to make you crazier. you've got to get a grip because you sound like you're beginning to lose it..

Have you tried applying for the military or police force? soon you will be able to apply for divorce once u get some money.

Ok if you have been married for at least one year you must be living separate for at least 6mos. before a judge will order your divorce. So you are only at the 5mth mark. Don't sweat it. Only rich people get alimony LOL so there is no need for you to quit looking for a job silly!! As for her...it sounds like a ploy to make you go crazy, not filing for divorce and dating other guys!! She wants to get under your skin, and she is. So guess what? So far she is the one thats winning and you got zilch!! its a very girl thing for her to do. :) You might just need to borrow the money and file on your own. If your parents will let you stay rent free for however long till she decides to divorce you I'm sure they'll loan you a lil cash to be done with this. My advice brush ya shoulder off and move forward...

At Peace
Wow. I'm glad I read your question. Gives me a great idea to do to my soon to be Ex. Especially if it's going to tick him off as much as much as it's ticking you off. Don't get me wrong I feel bad for you, well sorta. Only if you didn't do anything to deserve this type of treatment. Good luck to ya.

get a loan from a family member or friend and pay them back

file for it and ask in it that she pays at least half of the cost

She's over u, but she isn't. She'd rather see u suffer, go through pain before she'd want to see u happy. For her not to file for divorce says she is still clinging to u, that she is not willing to move on. If she was willing to really move on she'd sign the papers and it doesn't matter if she's on dates, she hasn't moved on like u think she has. U've applied for jobs, but u have to keep calling them, talk to the manager to the point they know ur name. It shows drive, determination, and u will stand out more than the others who applied.

try to get a loan from your family or friend...Its only 150, so I am sure if you explained the situation and wrote a promissary note to repay them, someone would help you out - even if you gave them 25 a week or month, whatever. You can also see an attorney and many will set up a payment plan for you.

good luck

Proud to be APBT
Why are you getting upset about something that is beyond your control? You can't control her, so let it go. Who cares who she dates? Don't give her the power over you to let it bother you...

Keep looking for a job while living with your parents and when you have the money file for divorce. In the meantime date who you want and do what you want... Thank God your parents are letting you move in, who cares if you don't like them, they are keeping you off the street.

That said, you need to learn that you can't control other people. You can only control your reaction to what other people do.

Magic 8 Ball (Call me BILF)
ASk your parents if they will loan you the money for a divorce. I am sure if it means getting you a job and out of the house sooner, they would do that for you. If you can't afford a divorce, then you are still at the mercy of your ex wife, and that, my friend, is EXACTLY where she wants you.

molly 3/17/09
you can file your own divorce. lawyers make money off of it so imagine how cheap it really is after their fee. call the courthouse and ask what the filing fee is in your county. as long as you plan to file a no fault divorce their is no need for a lawyer.

Don't know where you live but here, you can get the filing charges dismissed for hard-ship reasons(like not having a job), you could look in the phone book for a lawyer that has first consolation free. They would give you advice. Just write down your Q's first so you don't waste their time.
Not all lawyers are bad!
Maybe first you should calm down? If she's dating, why aren't you?
Maybe go find a sugar Mama?

Go to your local government office. Explain the situation to them and tell them you can't afford a lawyer. The people at the office should be able to direct you on where to go for a pro-bono lawyer. It should cost you about $50 once you are connected to the right people. Good luck.

Not looking for a job won't help your situation and whining at us doesn't help it either. There is no solution. YOU MUST come up with $150 to file. We aren't paying. Your parent's aren't paying it.

Just hang out with her wherever she goes. Follow her around and even chill in the room when she's banging the other guy. Eventually she will get fed up and file the papers.

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