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My golf buddy's daughter asked me if I can make love to her once..?
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My golf buddy's daughter asked me if I can make love to her once..?

She's 21 and I'm 47 and she asked me it will be a no strings attached thing. What should I do? I'm married and have a daughter who is older than her.


You mean you didn't get the answer before you woke up from the dream? Ain't that the shyts? Nice try though

Someone's Baby
Shame on You for even thinking twice and asking what you should do.

Invite the whole family to join the fun!
...really, I mean you DID ask the question.

well there is your answer your married and too old for her dont do it!!

You tell her she's beautiful but you love your wife.


DO NOT DO IT ! ! ! NO WAY ! ! ! RUN, FAST,

DON"T DO IT ! ! !

Phil H
Why don't you ask your wife what she thinks.

she asked once? not twice, once?

but what about your beuantifull wife? dont u love her?? if u love truly love her then u already have your answer

sounds like a dream,,,..... no a nightmare .. guy thing that are to good to true,are to good to be true, do it and you be force to bad badminton in the dark in tiringo, not golf with the buds,coolin sipping some ,playing cards at the club house.

married would definitely tell you no.

If you really were going to pursue her I would watch out...could be a trap or even crazy. Sometimes people never realize how easy it is to get attached to people you sleep with.

ok she is sick and mental.
you shouldnt do anything to that poor girl

In your dreams.

Salacious Crumb
Dear Penthouse Forum;

You're not going to believe this, but...

xrayman 7
do you really need us to answer this?

Do not do it. Nt only would you be committing a sin but it would be breaking your vows. Would one night be worth losing your wife and the respect of your children for? Also, a young woman that age would only cause drama. She says it would be once but then it becomes once a week and then more frequent until she starts stalking you and threatening to tell your wife. She is too young to handle any complications or feelings she would have from sleeping with a married man.

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