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My husband always says "I love you" everytime right before we hang up the phone or leave each other.?
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My husband always says "I love you" everytime right before we hang up the phone or leave each other.?

I know its a good thing, but can you say "I love you" too much, to where there is really not a lot of meaning behind it anymore? Please answer!! Thanks


You can never say "I love you" too much.

Just trying to help
No, this is what polite spouses do. Especially if there are other women around - say at work- . He establishes to them that he is happily married and that they need to back off.

Just think, if he STOPPED saying it how would you feel???

I've actually thought about this before - my husband tells me he loves me everytime we hang up (twice usually, lol) and when he's leaving. And I've wondered if it's habit of if its sincere...then I remind myself there could be a lot WORSE habit for him to have. If he's in the habit of saying too much - I'd say what better habit for a husband to have? Some women would give anything to hear it just once....why complain about hearing it too much?

Heavens no. If you don't love him you may say it to much but other than that lord no you cant say i love you to much!

when he stops saying it, you'll miss it.

~Love me for me~
I would rather have it too much, than not at all.


That's his way of being affectionate and showing affection. And tomorrow is not promised to anyone. You would sure have an issue if he never said, barely said, or decided never to say it again.

Now if he is not a loving person and just used those words as if they meant nothing to you are to him... then that would not be a good thing.

Ask yourself... do you feel loved by him? Does he display love for your as easily as he says the words? Would you feel differently if he never/barely said those words? What true harm is it doing?

Raven S
in my opinion, that can happen, but only if you allow it to.

The meaning itself is never lost, although the impact of it may be lost. My husband has told me the same thing every day for the past 4 years. It doesn't mean anything less to me, mainly because I know there's emotion behind it. It's not just out of habit.

~Twisted Sister~
You're lucky, some people don't have anyone who loves them. Count your blessings.

Jimena S
what if one of you dies? At least you were able to tell them you loved them one more time.

I think as long as his actions reflect his words then it's great. I tell my husband I love him all the time and yes sometimes without even knowing I am saying it, but it really is how I feel. It is when I am not saying it, that he should worry....LOL

~!!LoveMheLikeaSong!! ~
how i wish my husband say that to me ....well your hubby is sweet and i guess he meant it when he say he loves you.saying I love you is fine as long as the people saying it he really mean it.

Actions speak louder than words. If he stops saying it, then worry. For now, just be happy.

I understand totally! My husband does the same. And it almost became annoying, because it lost it's meaning. It's more important to me that he shows me. LIke the saying goes....
actions speak louder than words.....

49er fan
I think he means it some days more than others but as long as he truly means it i rele don't see anything wrong with saying it everytime u get off the phone.

Sometimes when I talk to someone and hang up without saying "I love you" it doesn't feel right. It's not like I will call them back and say oh I forgot to say I love you but its out of habit and sometimes I think what if that was the last conversation I will have with them?

Be thankful he does say it

i do it with my wife too

jannetta c
There can be meanig behind it.But if you don't say I liove you bake he will think that something is wrong with the picture.

maybe he just wants to make sure u never forget how much he loves u.

Be graceful, theres alot of women that barely get it once a day

No, I don't think it can be said too much. It will always have meaning as long as you and your husband really do love each other.

My wife and I say I love you to each other everytime we talk on the phone and lots of times when we are with each other - I dont think it is something you can see or hear too many times at all - we have been together 2 years and married for 8 months and it has been like that for most of that time, I dont think it will ever diminish.

It's good that he says I love you before hanging up the phone or before he leaves to go out some where or even before you go to bed.
You can never say it enough, I mean what if for what ever reason one day he's gone, at least you would have said I love you before he went right?

When I was little the next morning my Dad was gone, he died. My Mom and Dad were separated at the time.
So I think you can never say I love you to much, because every time you say it it means so much more.

Farah G
do you mean it? then it;s fine. my husband and I used to and we stopped and now we almost never say it. I would rather go back to saying it too much.

try simply a kiss just before leaving or if its on the phone give him a phone kiss

I always say I love you to my boyfriend and especially to my 17 year old son before we ahng up the phone--even if we are arguing--what if something tragic happened to that person on the way home? The you'd know that they knew that you loved them.
I think those words can not be overused. Plus, I don't want to be that person wrought with guilt over not saying it to the people I loved before they died.

Marjery B
You can never say "I love you" too much!! How wonderful!!
For fun, beat him to the punch!!
Try it in different languages Je t'aime!

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