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My husband says he doesn't love me anymore wants to divorce me. i love him, what do i do?
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My husband says he doesn't love me anymore wants to divorce me. i love him, what do i do?

My husband, whom I've been with for 8 years, told me in february that he didn't love me anymore, and that he wanted a divorce. He has been seeing his ex girlfriend, now for a month, and has stated that he loves her. However, he claims she's not his girlfriend. Since he's been talking to her, he has since said that he thought he loved me that whole time. We have a two year old son together, whom he won't pay for anything for him. He also has introduced his girlfriend to my son on two occasions that I know of. He thinks that he isn't doing anything wrong. He feels he owes me no explanation. What should I do about this situation?


if he has told u he no longer loves u, u have to accept it, and move on. its much harder to put it all back together when someone has cheated on u. and if he doesn't feel he is doing wrong he may be the kind of person who has no conscience. when a man does this he really doesn't care, especially if he isn't even trying to cover it up, its totally disrespectful. you have to divorce him, file for child support, and go on your way. if you try and wait it out he may come back, but they rarely stop cheating once they start, because had they loved u in the first place they would not want to see you hurt.

Forlorn Hope-only 5 suspensions
give him the divorce, but make sure he pays for your son (if your son is his)... keep the house while your son is growing up and have him pay for that too...

once your son is 18, then sell the house and get half the proceeds...

in the meantime, find yourself as many guys as you can that are better for you than your soon-to-be ex... :D

If Anything...
Get rid of him! Why would you subject yourself to this, especially your son who has a deadbeat father who's proud to run around with him & say this is my son & introduce him to his "girlfriend" but obviously he doesn't care about him enough to help raise him. File the divorce papers first before he does & take it to court, your son deserves to be taken care of & he is just as responsible as you are for taking care of him. Don't let him get away with it. Usually the one who cares the least in a relationship holds the most power, I know its going to be hard but what would you be teaching your son if you let his dad off the hook. You'd be teaching your son its okay to abandon your kids & not to help take care of them. Your son shouldn't be punished for what his father's actions.

how much more clear of a explanation does he have to give to you?

the loser is going back to his ex.

get court ordered child support and move on to something better.

I'm sorry, but it's over. Take the divorce and move on.

Am sorry about your situation, but you see i have learn that if a man does not want you again, it's best to move on rather than trying to convince him stay. He may agree to stay after much persuasion but will always see his girlfriend behind you, and you will be stuck in a loveless marriage.
if he wants to go, let him but he must be responsible for his son.

pattie j
girl its time to move on and get your child support u don't want or deserve to be with anyone who says they don't love u move on.....i know it hurts but remember when you love something set it free if it comes back it was yours if idon'tnt it was never met to be.....

dump his ***. file for divorce your self first . or get a boy friend and see how he likes that but watch out for the kid dont put him in the middle

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do but divorce him. He has already moved on emotionally and physically. You deserve to be treated with respect and love. He is giving you neither one. Give him the divorce and in time you will see you got the better end of the deal. He is not mature enough to be married. The ex and him deserve each-other. She will be the next miserable one in a very short time.

sounds like it's been a "fun" eight years. this guy obviously hasn't grown up yet, no matter what his age is. you need to cut your loses and move on, stop holding on to someone who obviously wants to move on

I think you either do a separation agreement with him so you could get all the rights you deserve and let him have time to think if family is most important or his girl friend. If there is abuse either mental or physical you should file divorce at once. Good luck

Sometimes people do fall out of love with each other and there is nothing you can do to change that. When people finish with a long term relationship and very soon after are seeing someone else they normally have been seeing them before the split. The fact he is not paying for his son is out of order and you need to make sure he does, he has a duty to provide for his son.

You should protect yourself and your son. He is in the wrong, trust me, he knows this. Bu for some reason he thinks it should be allowed for whatever reason.
Cheating is wrong. That is what he is doing....introducing his g/f to his kid is wrong...what's next?
I understand you love him but love does not mean you stand by and let him disrespect you, your marriage and your family. He WILL pay child support, no worries about that, the court will order him to do so.

Had the same thing happen to me only it's a series of women. The best thing you can do is let him go. This is a sign of his character not yours. If you have any regrets at all just regret not seeing him for the person he really was which was a lying, manipulative, person who made you feel bad for yourself instead of taking the responsibility for himself and his child. If he could leave a baby behind who has done nothing than what could you have done any differently hun. Get away as fast as you can and rediscover the person you were before you met and find happiness without him!! You can do it!!

I wonder if he has bipolar disorder or some other mood disorder. Are his moods very up and down? Does he spend money erratically? Does he abuse drugs or alcohol? Also I think some men freak out at the change in life that comes when you have young kids. My husband is going through that now - complaining I am no fun anymore, etc. Meanwhile I work full time plus we have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. Believe me- I would love to have fun but WHEN? Btw he was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder which explains alot in his case.

cheer mother
Me and my husband went thru the same problem about 4 years ago. He just up and left one day. It took me about 1 month to find out what was really going on. Then when i did i found that he had been seeing a woman for about 1 year. Believe me i completely understand what you are going thru. I was so mad, and completely ashamed of what he had did. I didn't know who to be more upset with him or her.

When he left i was crushed! I didn't see how two people who was so much in love could have lost it like that. We went thru pure H*** for a year or so. We were fussing and fighting everyday of the week. I just could not stand their and let her take what me and him had work so hard to build. We had a new home, a perfect little girl. and also we had built a business together.

To some it all up i took alot, but in the end it was worth it. We are still married, and as far as i know we are happier than we have ever been.
I quess what i am trying to tell you is don't give up to quick. Let him know everyday that you LOVE him very much. Just hang in their, and just maybe he will see what he had with you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

the only thing u can do...move on!!!!u can't force him to talk about it!!!!get a lawyer and see him in court.

nastaran a
i would leave him before he goes for divorce..that piss him off!

Well, I can tell you from my mom's experience. She divorced my dad when I was 2. He loved her, but she didn't love him. So she said she wasn't going to stay married to him just because he loved her, which he still does after 21 years. Anyways, if he told you that he doesn't love you anymore, he was definitely seeing his ex for awhile. Anyhow, I know you still love him, but you should agree to the divorce because if you just decide to stay with him because of you love him and he doesn't, you will be miserable. That's why my mom divorced my dad because she knew that if she stayed with him, they would be miserable instead of being a happy married couple. She is much happier with my stepdad. For the not paying for his son, you better not feel bad for him and let it slide. You bring him to court and get child support because if you don't do that you are going to regret it. Good luck hun, and sorry about that. God bless!!

At least he was honest with you on every step of the way, which is more than you can say for most. If you love him, try to convince him not to get a divorce yet but to go your own way for a few months and let him see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. Also, make sure you take care of yourself and worry about you and your son on the time you are apart. You might realize that at the end of this period, you are the one ready to leave him.

whack him!

B Fetus
well all you can do is let him go. either that, or you can do some very explicit oral things to him. maybe that'll keep him around


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