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My husband says that I am not being fair. He really loves to go down on me. He does it every night. Now he ...
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My husband says that I am not being fair. He really loves to go down on me. He does it every night. Now he ...

wants me to do the same for him. I think that is gross. Should I do it anyway?


offer up something else to do for him

you think? so you haven't tried? try it. you can start with a hj and just lick it. just do it after a shower. you should have talked about this before hand

missy p
give alittle to get alittle

Mr. John
You are asking this list if you should do it anyway - you already know the answer. You are just looking for some magical words that will erase the fact that you are being selfish.

We do things for our lovers that we don't necessarily want to do. We do it because we love them and want them to have pleasure. This is not harmful, and it will bring him tremendous pleasure.

Why would you not sacrifice a bit in order to bring your husband this glorious experience?

You can start slowly and gain courage to do a bit more each time. When he sees that you are really trying to please him he will be grateful, I'm sure.

You need to really evaluate why you feel the way you do.. your body parts have the same functions as his.. why is it ok to you for him to do it for you, but you think it's gross to reciprocate? You may ask him to take a shower (and use a good smelling soap down there)... perhaps even try something that you like such as whip cream and have fun... It's really a turn on to have control over your man by the use of your lips... Everyone has had to do something they thought was "gross" at one time.. I know cleaning the toilet grosses me out.. but, it doesn't stop me from doing it!

What will it hurt....

If you don't someone else will. Just take a little time and please your man. You never know you may just like it after you get over just the Thought of doing it.

Wow, That's a hard one (pun) well speaking from experience I have never had a partner that likes going down on me, and I can tell you I'm highly managed in that area, so I can only envy your attention. As for him, try using chocolate or cream, think of and ice cream. You don't need to take the whole dam thing in your mouth, just lick. He'll think he died and went to heaven!! Good luck

Hunny... I am at a loss for words. Imagine that

You shouldn't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. But really, going down on a guy is no more gross than him going down on you. You don't even have to swallow.

proud mommy :)
Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with. But I do think you should compromise.

make sure he showers, even shower together to 'secretly' offer to clean it for him......he will find this a turn on anyway but you are actually doing it for yourself (Te he he). Then use honey or body chocolate. He will think its kinky and you will know its so its better for you. Its a win win

sun day
I'm not a big fan of giving bj's either, but hey...I do it anyways. He does it to me way more than I do for him though. Men really enjoy them, and even though you think it's gross at least give it a try. It's your husband and you should feel comfortable around him.

both spouses have needs, you are the only person that he can go to. You need to come up with a compromise or it will only get worse. Sit down and talk to him and figure something out quick!

purple flower
well, my husband doesn't go down on me, he's tried but i get freaked out and with him, it's only once a week or whenever i want too which is once a year, but just take it slow

erika r
I say yes. . Just dont swallow. Thats the only gross thing about it. Make sure he showers right before you do it so he smells good.

dorkus bubble kisser
" I'll do it if you do it".....

so elementary!!!

I f you don't want to, dont do it, but do something else to make him happy.... he has to get his too!!

P/s You are so very lucky!!

Panda Princess
If you really don't want to do then don't do, but you should try it once for him but make sure he takes a shower before you do anything and if you don't want to swallow anything then get a paper/plastic cup and use it to spit the stuff into. Ask him if there is anything else that would be better like jacking him off instead of a bj. I had the same problem with my boyfriend he wanted me to give him a bj but I didn't want to so we compromised and I did the other thing instead but I did try it one time so do what will make you feel comfortable not him. Good Luck Respect Yourself and Feelings. Take Care

Mrs. Z.Davis
If you are not comfortable then you should not do it and he should understand. But if you are not going to be adventurous and try new things with your husband, then who will you do it with. He's your life partner. Consider it. It makes me happy to know that I'm doing something that's mentally and physically satisfying my husband. But that's me. Find a good compromise.

Don't do anything you don't want to do. The guy is just being insensitive and into himself.

Dont shower for a couple of days. He wont ask again.

I agree with This is what I think. You shouldn't do anything your not comfortable with. Do you ask him to "go down" on you? If you do then you aren't being fair. Don't ask him to do something your not willing to do. On the other hand, if your not asking him, he's not being fair to you by asking you to do something you don't like. Tell him that you don't want to do it and if that means he will stop going down on you, then take it as that and leave it alone. You could compromise, too. There are other things you could do that wouldn't require you to go down on him. Good Luck!!

If your not comfortable with it then don't do it. He should know that your uncomfortable with it.

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