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My husband tried it on with another woman in front of me 2 years ago, i can't forgive him. What should i do?
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My husband tried it on with another woman in front of me 2 years ago, i can't forgive him. What should i do?

Recently he became very friendly with a girl at work. I just can't get it out of my head. I would like to tell him to leave but worried about kids and mortgage etc...


This is a very complicated situation. Unfortunately with the kids and mortgage, it makes it an even more complicated situation. In the best interests of the children, it would be better if you could try and work things out before you leave him.

Yeh but why live with this?

dump the fool

you should try it on with another man in front of him or better still another woman

2 years ago and you are still with him

I would leave him without hesitation. He can have all the money in the world I would not stay. I am too important and precious to be treated like that.

Keep youre way! NASA precision!

i think if u cant let it go maybe its time to go, Ur only hurting ur self and making yourself feel crazy, if u don't sort it out one way or the other its going to destroy Ur relationship anyway, he's a pig for doing this to u and he's made u insecure and he's left u feeling so hurt and worried that he's going to leave u or hurt u like that again so why let him Hun ? i know u love him but love isn't supposed to hurt, its about respect and trust and love and security .. a man that loves u wouldn't make u cry and the one who does isn't worth loving ! for once stop worrying about the kids and mortgage worry about u. i know its easy to say but i have been there (like many others) and het we all survived didn't we, good luck Hun i hope ur'll be OK

♥ ♥ Miranda ♥ ♥
I should talk to him and tell him what your concerns are. It is better to have things out in the open.

Hi. If you truly cannot forgive your husband for his past then i feel you should no longer be in this relationship. You should never stay in a relationship because of the children. Its not for the best in the long run. I wont lie to you it is hard bringing children up on your own but you and the children will both benefit in the future. Show him the door. I hope it all works out for you Hun. xxxx

Jay B.
you need to talk to him and make sure he is still in it with you

what the point of being together if there's no trust? you have better things to worry about!(kids etc) you'd be better off without him - leave him he sounds horrible!

talk to him about it

paula p
there is no relationship without trust, you are not doing yourself or the kids any good staying for the sake of material things.

I think you should see a marriage councillor to see if there's anything to salvage, if not you would be best to spilt.

You can stay with him but have somebody else on tha side or u can become a single parent like my mother is with me.

hey...try talking to him...it always sloves problem...but dont forget...talk to him politely...dont get aggrressive...soft talks always helps...best of luck...take care...for ur entire life...

you have been living with him after seeing that 2 year back GR8, keep on feeling insecure and worring about the kids...... get up and secure your kids futrure with their father;s money, and you leave him asap.....

the kids will be fine and as for the mortgage he has to pay that until the children leave school get the hell out you don't need to be with him it ain't good for you nor the kids don't let him keep you dangling on a piece of string go tell him to get out one way or the other don't live like that and don't let him use you he sounds a rite prat

And your still with him , 2 years ago is a long time and if it still bothers you , then you 2 need to sit down and have a serious talk.

He will have to support you and the kids, sounds like an ***, get rid of him, make him support you, csa, etc.

if you cant trust him then you cant be with him. simple as that.

christine y
divorce is the wrong way to go in my religion,
but seriously, thats just messed up.
stand up for youreslf.

Choose you this day whom ye will serve. Make this the most important thing in your life. Let him realize that you are a person with conviction and that you will not put up with slackness more than the ordinary.

Kel Kel
if hes having somewhat of a relationship with another girl that u cant forgive, u should divorce him.

johnno K
what a lame reason to stay with a man. All you are being is a goldigger

Not Ecky Boy
If he is an a/r/s/e/h/o/l/e/ -and it sounds pretty much as if he IS- then you don't have to wait for proof. He's almost certainly messing around.

Try to get some bank statements, find out where all his money is then fling him out. He will never change.

you should talk to a lawyer.it would seem to be over,so why are you prolonging the inevitable?
don't waste your life for a thing you cannot fix.....

You need to forgive yourself! I think you have a lot of guilty feelings about the situation. You have been trying to forgive him for what he did which indicates that you still love him. When you forgive yourself for what happened you'll be able to forgive him and it won't bother you that he is friendly with a woman.

If you don't do anything about it, he might do it again. And what kind of an example would he be setting for your kids?

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