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My husband wont do anything with me?
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My husband wont do anything with me?

Ive tryed all weekend to have him go and do something with me. he wont how can I get him to do anything fun we are only in are 50's it is driving me crazy HELP ME PLEASE


Mohamed D
sometimes men feel that going out with his wife is not fun it is burden so in this case try to renew your way your style and use your magical weapons.

Everytime he doesn't do something for you, you refuse to do something for him. So if he wants his dinner, clothes washed etc... he better start doing stuff for you. Get tough girl. We always hold the cards.

How about group activity and trying to invite friends over if there's any and if he doesn't like it what about see what he really does like and even if you don't like doing it at least pretend you do love it , i hate riding a bike but my husband loves spending his life in one so i start practicing every day for half an hour now i start to fool for it totally i wanna do 3 hours every day and we started talking about and gone for dinner after wards so good luck

What do you want him to do? Ask him! And don't just say 'something', tell him exactly what you'd like. Contribute by giving him good ideas!

What sort of things do you want him to do email me i think i can really help you with this problem as i am the same age. email me at pc056@live.com.au xxx Dave

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