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My husband wont make love to me.... he says he's always tired... is this normal?
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My husband wont make love to me.... he says he's always tired... is this normal?

since we have gotten married my husband has been really bad about wainting to have time for our intimate life.. He said that there is nothing wrong its just that he is tired but that everything is okay... I trust him completely but i want some input on a males point of veiw... should i be worried?


Jack Black
He isn't tired! He is getting some that is better than you...

Are you asking hime after he came back from a long day at work? Does he eat healthy? Excersise?

depends on what he does instead of making love whith you

I don't think so- but maybe you could ask him what's making him so tired?

I am stumped. Its always the other way around for me. Try marriage counseling....that is, if he will consider it. Bring up an article you read, just don't make it out to be all because You THINK something is wrong.

that beefy juicy taste
my wife has the same problem...wanna go on the show wife swap?

This happens to everybody ! Believe me. Skip the questioning yourself and the back and forth worrying. Do something creative to get him interested or ask him about a fantasy that he has.

If he is still stone cold after that, then it might be a deeper issue you have to deal with.

perfectly normal... it happens, see a marriage councellor to see how to get the spark going... but dont what ever you do, hold it against him, it will only make matters worse

Tough Guy
He is probably overweight and stressed. You should be worried because it is not healthy for the relationship.

Have a GREAT day!
Whats making him so tired? I dont think you should be worried right now. Just talk to him and ask him why he feels so tired and see what you can do to help

It is not normal, he probably has some issues, could be psychological, physical but you have better try to help him if he don't want help get worry !!!

IF he is truly tired all the time he could have low testosterone.

have him go for a blood test. it could save you both!

not normal and not cool and its DEFINALTY not cool if he is asking you to continue along with him in this state without trying to find out why. UNLESS HE KNOWS WHY ALREADY!

reverse it. LOL i would LOVEEEEEEEEE to see a husband write on here saying "wifey is tired all the time what should i do?"

i know what those answers would be.

and paula that is HORRIBLE that you would say that to someone. GO TO HELL SISTER

Laker Fan
well that could be a sign that he is cheating but it could be he is just really tired, i wouldnt worry about it right now but if it goes on for a while than i would start worrying

yes it's normal.

Evan K
Given that everything else is going well in your relationship, I wouldn't take offense. Is there something going on with work or other activities that he's involved with that are stressing him out? Does he work long hours? Is there something going on with his family or friends that could be bothering him?

It seems to me that the one thing he's too tired for is exactly what he needs to lighten up his load, so to speak.

Nena S
You shouldn't ignore this red flag...If you do, you will be sorry.

While it is possible that something might be wrong with him (he might be sick or overworked), you should also consider his behaviour. If he is acting weird or things don't make sense to you, he might be cheating. So be careful and try to get him to visit his doctor.
Good luck.

ND fan
sure, for a gay guy.

Perfectly normal if he works long overtime hours and is exhausted from a hard days work time.

We have been married 45 plus years and in our 60s now, and my husband and I haven't made love and slept together only once in 45 years. He never said he was tired because we only did it once. The first, last and only time happened on our wedding night and that lasted maybe 15 minutes, then he sat all night on the balcony of our hotel. The next morning he woke me up told me to get dressed we were going home cause he had to get ready for work. I had planned spending time alone for a week or so. That never worked out, we went home and he proceeded to tell me tonight he starts working the midnight shift and will stay there till its time to retire. He stayed for 40 plus years, and also right after our wedding night he moved himself to the basement where he hangs out to this day. I tried to leave him but I just couldn't file for divorce and I couldn't make enough money to exist on my own. I finally got tired of trying and just gave up . Its been a horrible life but I made it and accepted my life for what it is.

I also same with you ,i make love with my husband once a year (2 year 2009- 2010) is normal or not? i don't know want to trust him or not . because i heard outside has hidden a woman but until now no this woman appear

Just talk to him for me I've gotton to the point to where I won't even try anymores. It's better than trying and getting nowhere? When he wants me I don't want him because he has turned me down to many times :-( and when it happens it's over way to fast. I just don't know what to do anymores?

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