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My wife's friend asked me to come over and strip ?
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My wife's friend asked me to come over and strip ?

the wallpaper off of the bathroom. Now I did a lousy stripping job and she's upset. I told her I'm not a professional and my stripping is not bad considering it's free.

My wife thinks she's being lame, since by stripping for her I was doing her a favor.

Should I have to pay for a professional to come over and strip for her just to make her happy?
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HOLY COW 54 answers!!!


rose m
god.. she asked for favor.. she should be thankful!!

well, tell her to get a proffesional one and let her pay it

can you strip for me? hehe

Sam C

Well, did you mislead her by saying you were better at stripping than you actually were? Maybe you just didn't have the right equipment.


lol good one

no it wasn't your fault you did what was asked of you if she didn't' t like it then she should've tried doing it herself

lol...that's hilarious! does your wife know?

hahahhahahaha that is so funny!!!!!!! whoever came up with that is very creative haha

serial violator nd fan
was it marge? i don't think homer will pay...


LOL, Best question of the day!

hhaha you scared me for a sec..i thought you meant like striptease. yes she is being lame and you should just tell her to F off and that she is lucky you did it at all!!

LOL ROTFL!!!!!!!!!

best question I've seen all day.

hahahhahahahhaha nice one

ooooooooo i was thinking something else

ArkAngel 06
Hahaha lol this made me laugh
funny times

Dang i need a good laugh.

hahahhahahahahhahaha you are brilliantly clever. i appreaciate this joke very much.

i think you would enjoy the link below, also a joke

haha :)

Aquarius k
Sorry but i didnt get u!

Jo Jo
Be apologetic, but remind her that she knows you are not a professional and that you were just trying to do her a favor. I don't think it's your responsibility to help her pay for someone to strip the wallpaper, unless you did some damage and now it will cost more then it would have in the first place. If you did cause some damage you might want to consider paying the difference in order to preserve the friendship and keep the drama to a minimum.

Oh just get off your keister and go finish the job! Remember, a job is never done until everyone is satisfied with the work. ;)

Your definition of "friend" must be very different from mine.

Supernatural Girl
Yous wife's friend is an ungrateful turd and should be happy you tried to help. if she is not happy with your stripping skills she can hire a professional and pay for him to strip the way she wants.

I am sorry that you didn't have a happy ending.


thanks that made my day

No. She asked you for a favor and you agreed. When she asked you, she knew for a fact that you were not a professional. You did what was asked of you to the best of your abilities and just because she isn't happy with them doesn't mean that money should come out of YOUR pocket for repairs to meet HER standards. Be apologetic so that you do not ruin your wife's friendship but you do not need to deal with this situation any further.

No way man, You better not pay, First you did her a favor by not charging her. Then She complains, YOull be a wierd fool if you pay for it. I would laugh at her face if i was u. She has to be joking man. SHes crazy. You better not pay for anything at all.

Movie Star
Wow that scared me for a second!

dont go!!!!

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