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My wife constantly complains. Do you think there is a big problem with us?
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My wife constantly complains. Do you think there is a big problem with us?


la la
obviously she is not happy no affense but maybe u should talk to her and work things outt

What does she complain about? About life in general? If so, maybe you can encourage her to make changes in her life so that she can be happier, and thus complain less. If she is complaining about you and your relationship, then maybe it's time to examine whether or not those complaints are valid. If it means either you or her (or both) need to make some changes in the things that you do or in certain behaviors you exhibit, then maybe her complaining is her way of communicating her dissatisfaction. If after changes are made and she still complains, then it may be that your wife needs to examine for herself what exactly will make her happy and then decide how to remedy the situation. Sometimes it's not about you.

† Dark Prince †
Sorry friend ive never met a women that didnt complain

are you listening what she is complaining about and trying to help
or is it a cry for attention make sure you listen and try to understand her side of the complain if it is some thing you are doing try to correct it other wise she is either unhappy with something else or is just trying to get your attention to her.

either way try to be honest to your self and to her and if it is some thing that can be solved talk to her about it and figure a middle ground otherwise you will drive each other crazy, and you may never know why.

Hahaha definitely not. Im a girl and i know i complain a lot sometimes. Its just something girls do and we dont even realize it sometimes. What you can do is try andhelp the stuff she complains about and make them easier. Or just tell her not to worry so much about it and giver her a romantic night in.. I hope this will help

john b
Do you give her something to complain about? Sometimes, complaining is justified.

Deirdre O
You wife can complain because there is a big problem with your marriage or with you or maybe the problem lies within her. Some people are only able to focus on the negative side of everything and actually complain more from habit than anything else. What you need to do is suggest couples counselling so that you can discuss with a person who is completely neutral to your relationship what the problems are and how to deal with them. This way you will be able to find out if the complaining is actually justified or whether there is another underlying problem with her. Good luck to both of you.

Congratulations, you're definitely married to a human female..

Depending on what she's complaining about, maybe, but really, all women complain.

No.She just doesnt know another way of being.Say positive things to her when she complains.Most people if they see positive coming back at them thats the way they can learn a different way to express themselves.Behavior is learned.If your parents behave a certain way,then you probably pick up the behavior.And its very hard to change behavior.Tell her you love her but that her behavior may come between you two if she doesnt get a little happier on life.Tell her not to sweat the small stuff.

Depends on what she thinks is a problem.
She a neat freak and you are a slob, no problem get off your tail end and do some cleaning. This works the opposite way too.

Does she always ask things in a question form, if so, that means she thinks there is a problem. Dig for more details.

Be the man, say what you really think.
Like when wives ask "does this make me look fat?" tell the truth, some clothes do make her look fat.


Depends on what she complains about and if she is justified in her complaints. Give us more information, please.

tammy c
She is letting it loose so she doesn't explode. We all do it in one form or another

It could be a problem. It depends on what the complaining is about. Maybe you should listen to te complaints to see if there is really a problem. If not, she just like to nag.

From a woman's point of view, it depends on what she complains about. If it's something very small that doesn't need to be argued about then Yes, something bigger is going on but if she clearly states her problem and expects something more from you, then No and Yes.
What you need to do is sit down with her and ask her what's really bothering her. Listen to her and talk out a solution for the both of you.

There's something bothering her, not just the complaints. Ask her what's really bothering her, if she is not ready to fess up then tell her when she is ready you are all ears.

she prolly jus on her period.

mld m
Look whose the complainer.

Tiria N
no maybe you just need to communicate more, is there any particular reason she complains, or do you think she has nagging wife syndrome. Or are you making too much of it. I think you should speak to her about how you feel, and see what she has to say, have an open mind and discuss it rationally, and hopefully there is a simple resolution to your problem, thats if there is a problem!

kelly r
are you giving her a lot to complain about??

depends on what she's complaining about.

She Devil
Need to both sit down and TALK. Not yell at each other or make snide comments. Then marriage counseling. It can REALLY help save a marriage. Eventually she will get tired of complaining and you will get tired of listening.

Waht does she complain about?

sounds normal to me. I would only worry if she stops....

If its PMS, you better start getting use to it. Keep a big calender where both of you can see, because she will be that way once a month, every month. It wiill help for both of you to be well informed and if its really bad and someone is in denial, than you better head to a doctor, to learn how to deal with it.
Good luck!

If she stops complaining, then you are in big problem!

.o0O O0o.
I would have to agree 100% with Michael B

No all women b*tch ..its what they do...it becomes a problem when she starts to throw things and break stuff which for some reason is never her stuff,,

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