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My wife had a black man's baby?
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My wife had a black man's baby?

My wife of 6 years had a black mans baby about 4 months ago. The affair was with a man in our neigborhood and everyone knows about it now. I am so embarrassed, what should I do?


Zomba Fett
I would leave her (him in my case) as soon as I found out she (he) cheated on me. I also think your neighbor should take care if his child and your wife now.

You will always know that the person you love betrayed you by sleeping with someone else, and you will always look at that child as "a fruit of their love". One day you will turn insane.

Divorce the b*tch and find a lady who will cherish your love.

Move out and move on.

Cutie Pie
are you embarrassed that the man she cheated with is black? or that she cheated and everyone knows?

I'm not sure why you had to state his color as if he were white it would be any better.

Does it somehow make it worse that the affair was with a black man? What difference does it make what color he was?

I hate to ask this, but would you feel better if this baby were made by another white man other than yourself?

I know that this hurts, but dang.. what does race have to do with infidelity?

If you love her stick by and get over what others think. If it bothers you so bad what about moving to a new area. Or you can leave if you feel that strong about the situation

Even in the Bible, Divorce is ok when Adultry is involved. The race of the man isn't the issue,
betraying your trust IS.

You mean you're still married to her????


Samething happened 2 me and I left her

Assuming you're staying married, and assuming you're raising this child together, here's what you should do:

Hold your head up high and be a good dad. Sure, people will stare and talk, but you don't have to talk about the baby's origins any more than you would have if the baby had been conceived, say, by the failure of a condom. Take care of the kid by working out, maybe with the help of counseling, your painful issues with your wife. Take care of the kid by dropping skin color as a value judgment. Take care of the kid by loving him/her, playing peek-a-boo, feeding baby food, and letting the neighbors see that you're a good dad and a good man.

Get yourself a divorce and leave her sorry a$$

Wuz up Upsethusband. I would be pi**ed off myself. Leave her. It's not yours anyway. But whats so wrong with a little mixed baby; if it was a white baby you wouldn't care huh? I guess the black man had more to give, because you know what they say man/woman if they can't get it at home they'll get it somewhere else. But I do feel for ya. All your neighbors know your wife is a *****. but that's ok you can still live your own life.

Move out.

Leave her.

Java Chip
Leave her.

penny b
it shouldn't matter what color he is the fact of the matter is that your wife cheated on you and had a baby .what you have to do now is decide wither or not you forgive her and can you raise another mans child if not then leave

I understand where u are coming from. If he were white no one would know. He could blend in . A black child has to stand out. I know it is embarrassing. If you love her and the child u shouldn't care what anyone thinks. She should be emmbarrassed. Just stay with your wife. No need in moving because of what others may see. All I think about you so far is ur a good man. What I think about your wife is different so don't worry about this.

Get a divorce if your so worried what everyone else will think. She will forever be connected to another person. Even if you raise the child as your own, he will have rights unless he given them up. Will you be able to trust her again or will you always doubt her? If you can come to terms with this situation, move so you can start over. If not, break the ties with the child while it's still too young to remember.

I understand how you feel, by the way... IT'S NOT ALWAYS A RACIAL THING, Why do people always think that???? Stop!!!!

I'm assuming you forgived her and you're raising the child?? and you don't want the public to automaticly think you're not the farther.

Beth T

Leave her now! or Throw her out

The first problem I have with this picture is instead of you just saying your wife had a baby by another man you are colored blind by his blackness. You should not be embarrassed about that fact that she cheated on you and had a child by someone else, you really need to look into yourself. It seems to me you are lacking in some areas that this so call BLACK man is taking care of and must be doing a good job to conceive a healthy baby.

Suthern R
Dude, she cheated and she got knocked up by another guy. It should not matter what color the guy is, she is a tramp and is now the mother of a child by this guy. You are guessing it is his, maybe she has slept with more than one guy. Why are you embarrassed, you did not cheat and you did not knock anyone up. Kick her to the curb...

consider moving or being completely devoted to this marriage by not letting what everybody else thinks get to you since frankly it's none of their business what happens in your private life.

Divorce her. No questions asked, no answers given. Period.

Is it a boy if it is buy him a lot of gym shoes and basketballs and footballs and boxing gloves you never know you just might have hit the lottory

leave her DUH!

beenie 21
Leave her for your sake. Odviously she is not embarrased by it. Leave her sorry a**. I mean unless you want the biological father going to your home and having visitation after all its his kid. By law he has the right to this child. If you can handle this you are a wonderful person if you cant leave. You need to leave her as soon as possible.

Tom B
Divorce her. I know its hard. The prospect of the loss of the woman you love dropping out of your life is terrible, but there will be someone else out there for you. And make sure that adultery goes on the divorce sheet. Hell you got the proof.

You chose to stay with her when you knew she had the affair,
So you have to choices.

Move to another neighborhood and start all over
or two leave her either way you will be moving
so follow your head aa well as your heart.

rhonda h
I also agree about the race thing. Cheating is cheating. To me you make a baby, automatic deal breaker. If it bothers you that much then maybe you should consider separation, divorce. But I don't think that you should be embarrassed because "she" had an affair. That is totally out of your control.

freedom fighter
the fact that it was a black man shouldn't matter what does matter is that she cheated on you at all. only a racist person would make a statement like this. the only thing you have to be embarrassed a/b is that you weren't man enough to keep your woman home. when people step outside of marriage it's one of two things. selfishness and they aren't getting paid enough attention at home. especially women, you gotta treat them like you love them and like princesses or they will go out and find what they are lacking at home. it shouldn't matter what race they were. if you can't repair the relationship then get a divorce and move on. and when you get into another relationship remember what it was YOU didn't do to keep YOUR woman happy so she doesn't have to go searching for somewhere else. thanks for the 2pts.

He is embarrassed because EVERYONE will know that he is not the father of the child. EVERYONE will know that his wife cheated. Personally i Would leave. Of course it is up to him

He is embarrassed because EVERYONE will know that he is not the father of the child. EVERYONE will know that his wife cheated. Personally i Would leave. Of course it is up to him

She might be still into the black fellow that she had the affair with, intercourse and now a child...I'd say she has a pretty strong bond with him. You may need to move away if that is an issue. She might also have a physical attraction to black men in general and it could happen again.

I wouldn't leave her so she cheated and had a black baby. I personally think its great. All white women should get a taste of black sex. Now its your turn tell her you would like her to have another baby but this time your the father. Be happy, and I wouldn't worry about the embarrassment. When shes pregnant again the neighbors can try and figure out wheather its black or white. The busy body neighbors will have something new to talk about for 9 months. Good luck and congradulations on the new baby.

Forget what other people think, If you love your wife stand by her. I see nothing wrong with having a black baby, it really erotic. Try and make the next baby yours.

so what did yoiu do because i am in the same situation and need to know whether my partner will be able to accept it.

Peter Piper
go to Experience project and see by yourself how many men Hubbies , wives, couples looking for black seed or black lovers

He is saying it's black because it came out black and that's how he found out. If it came out white he would have assumed it was his get it? Stop tossing race into everything you self absorbed maggots.

There are a lot of really hot black women who think nothing about having a babies of out wedlock. I would immediately try to produce a sibling. Two interracial children will help obsure the fact that your wife is a total mudshark.. Did you say her last name was K@rd@shi@n?

its shamful she banged ablack guy.most of my bad experieces involved black creeps.in abc program mistresses savi bangs her coworker and gets knocked up.she wants to have the baby black or white.if child is black her husband wants to leave her. can you blame him??

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