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My wife left 3 months ago no contact at all how long should a guy wait for some sign?
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My wife left 3 months ago no contact at all how long should a guy wait for some sign?


it's definitely time now. first of all, her leaving is the most prominent sign. have you contacted her family, maybe something bad has happened. hopefully not. but her not contacting you, maybe she is at a crossroad in her life and is not sure of what step to take next. also she may have lost her 'inner peace' if i were you i would take the next step and see where this situation exactly stands. good luck. and remember time keeps ticking away, you can't bring it back.

Bear Naked
It is over....go file before she does.

Brianna S
only a week

Well, 3 months is a long time not to contact someone. I'd say that her leaving with no contact is either her way of getting away from you or a sign that something terrible happened to her. Have you tried talking to her family to at least see if she is okay?


You waited 3 months longer than I would. If someone leaves me, I don't take them back. I would have been at a lawyers office the next day.

god bless us all
Sorry but if thats how she has a marriage just go on with your life. How long were you married? Do you have kids? Wow she should have at least talk to you about it!

I think you have waited long enough time to move on. File for a divorce and get a new life. Time for you to heal and move on. My condolences, but she is a dud.

Amanda K
It's over, dude. Bad thing is, you can't file for divorce without knowing where she is, because they have to know where to serve the papers to her at. Try getting an annulment and move on with your life.

If I had a husband, 3 days without news would be too much. Sorry, but don't expect her to come back ever.

The Doctor
It's been long enough.

1 day

I'm so sorry, dear, but the sign is neon and right in front of your face. See an attorney about this. I am so sorry for what has happened to you. Counseling is a good start. Good luck.

Probably without any contact she has found someone else. Have you tried calling her to see what she wants to do about the marriage? This may be the way of finding out exactly what she wants to do. I would not give up until your sure she doesn't want to work on it. Only you can say how long before moving ahead with your life.

why wait

sorry to say but you should move on ,its more than enough time. seek help from a therapist through this difficult time

If it has been three months, I would say that it is over. Time has been your sign all along. You should move on at this point.

that is the sign shes never commin back and shes with another guy

File for divorce babe, its over. You better make sure shes been seen around or you may be accused to something far worse! You can always serve her at her last known address or her parents via mail.

Lynn K
Have you reported her as a missing person? If not, do so, then contact a divorce lawyer.

a sign for what, she already left. thats a lil too late buddy..

The first sign was when she left. The second sign was when you didn't hear from her. What other sign are you looking for?

Isn't being gone for three months a big enough sign .
Hey, how do you know she left as opposed to her being missing.
You can file a missing person report with the cops where you live.

You actually waited 3 months? Hey a week is time enough.

No contact in 3 months? I'd run to the nearest legal forms shop and file for divorce.........move on......... there are soooo many other women out there!!! Good luck!!!

Bachelor boy
She has answered your question already. Seems like she does not want to be with you. Try contacting her and try to work things out. If nothing good comes of it its time to move on.

amy w
thats a tough one were you fighting alot?was she cheating?Do you know where she is?Ask her friends too see if they know. Talk to her when you can maybe a counselor can help if that fails you do what you have to.I hope all works out

well, it`s in your question!i think you can forget her and move on now.she isn`t coming back!

What sign are you talking about.! if you really love your wife, you dont need to wait for a sign.Find her and talk to her. If you only waiting for a sign, you are waiting for nothing.

Dusty Rose
What kind of sign are you waiting for, a kick in the head, she has left, no contact, its over fellow

A sign? She left you!!!! There is your sign.

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