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My wife moved out,,,says she doesnt love me...she will not talk to me....she still goes to our church...?
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My wife moved out,,,says she doesnt love me...she will not talk to me....she still goes to our church...?

she filed for divorce, she told our pastor that i have changed, but too late, no, i have not cheated or mistreated her other than she says no respect, i have tried very hard, im at my wits end. been married for 19 months,,,she's 29,,im 50..we had what i thought was good. she's been married twice before..1 child from each..ages 6 and 9, she has told her mother and sister that its over, she will not talk to anyone who would try to tell her to work it out, our pastor told her she was wrong and didn't have no scriptural backing..and she does not. she has been talking to someone who has gave her wrong advice..i pray that God would help in this..she seems to be very angry at me. i cant talk to her or be around her [she got a protective order against me] not because she's scared but so i just cant talk to her..ive never mistreated her in that way, 9 months ago,,,she loved me more than anything..now she says she dont..i ask her if she ever did,,,she said yes..when we first met,,she has given up it seems,, her mother has even tried to talk to her...as well as her dad,,,she told them she doesn't want to talk about it..told our pastor the same thing,,where do i go from here? please,,no negative answers,, will she ever come back..?she told her mother that she felt like she had to walk on egg shells around me, didn't know that,,,before she left,,she sat up in bed and said,,you dont think im a very good christian..do you..i said thats between you and God,, i feel as though that she herself was try n to live up to my standards rather than Gods,,it seems,,at this point..she is very hard hearted,,seems she wants her old lifestyle back,,and hang on to her church..cant have both. about a year ago,,she wanted to get help,,i said we would,,we didnt...then i said ide like to...she said its to late, its like she's pulled in two directions,,so far,,she's picking the easy way out...mixed up i think,,thanks for your help..


∂ιαиα †Matisyahu†
then sign the divorce documents... why should you plead for love? let her go

Don't hold her if she doesn't want to be with you, life is too short for that. If she's not yet 30 and this is the 3rd time that she's been to the altar with someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, the problem is probably with her, not with you. Good luck!!

Unfortunately there is not much you can do. I recommend you find yourself a support group or talk to your pastor.

For her to be married 3 times, she sounds like someone who doesn't really want to be in a marriage at all and is some how trying to satisfy some body elses (parents? childrens?) wishes for her to be married.

For now I recommend you get the support you need, and be sure to don't get taken advantage of.

The Good Lord will bring you someone that will Cherish and love you. Go ahead and sign the divorce papers.

Dude, just drop it and walk away.
She is never going to be the women you want her to be, and she knows it.
She is leaving now rather than drag this on for longer.
It's in both your best interests to just move on.

• Leo •
Seriously, you need to leave this relationship ALONE. She doesn't even seem like the nice type of person to be with anyways. Sign those papers, and move on. You deserve way better than her, man.

Is she having an affair? Not to throw anything out there there that would hurt you more but that is a possible reason for her behavior. I do not know what advice to give you other than pray for her and you talk to the preacher since she will not go with you. If you have tried your hardest to keep this marriage together then you are blameless and all you can do is pray for her.

I think you need to continue to pray about this. I don't think God wants your marriage to end. Its up to your wife if she wants to try to work things out with you but if you continue to pray God can help restore your marriage. Trust me there is no impossibles to the lord. Try not to suffocate your wife and give her some space. Don't stalk her that will only make things worse. Try to be her friend when she is ready for it and don't add any unnecessary pressure to this whole ordeal. Good luck and don't give up if you really believe in this. Just be patient and leave it to God.

She has met someone else. Sorry to say. Good luck.

Get a divorce!!

Sounds like she used you.
She tried to be something she's not and she associated the way it had her feel with you.

If you want her to stay, tell her you don't care if she ever goes to church and again and don't care if she tries to live her life as a Christian.

If you do care... it was not meant to be.

She's 29 and has already been married 3x. From the other things you've said, it sounds like she doesn't know what she wants to do with herself and unfortunately, you sounded like one of her short-term experiments. It's time to move on and accept that it's over. I don't think she'd come back but if she did I wouldn't trust it to last.

Please don't take this the wrong way ok but seriously you probably drove her nuts with all the God talk! Having religion is awesome but being obsessed over it is another thing. How can I tell you are by everything you just wrote. She probably feels like she was living in a box and being controlled by you. I think people blow it way out of portion what they think a good and a bad Christian is nobody can say who is and who isn't for sure. Only God can judge why people don't listen to the bible on that I will never know.
My ex husband was so into being a good Christian and God talks and this and that. He failed to notice that there is life outside the church and life does go on and as with any human being every human does sin and things happen.
I told him the samething she told you it's to late and I have no regrets what so ever about it.
FYI your wife should have not to live up to your standards or Gods I'm going to let you in on a little of something alright God wants everybody to be their own person and be who they are not live up to anothers standards.

This is why I am against org religion it's more like being in a cult than it is actually showing respect to God!

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