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My wife smells like men's cologne?
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My wife smells like men's cologne?

My wife seems to have a problem of always smelling like men's cologne. This is funny to me, because she's a woman and I know she only has women's perfume. Is there some medical condition which can make you smell like Stetson?


Do you wear or have Stetson? Sometimes when I miss my husband I put on his cologne. I know....weird right?

no there isn't
I wear mens deoderant that smells like cologne?

Penny Lane
haha/ maybe she wears your cologne?

A perfume does not smell the same on everyone as our body chemistry is unique to each individual person. It may be her body chemistry and she may need to try a different perfume that works with her chemistry.

Or there is the other man theory but I won't jump to conclusions as you know your wife best

No, go and smell her perfume, if its one of the bottles just throw it away when shes not home and say you have no idea where it is if she asks. If you smell the bottles and they dont smell like Stetson I would guess that she is mixing perfumes, some women actually do that, lord only knows why but they will spray one thing on and then spray another. Which is a huge no no

lolz to the people that say she is cheating.....maybe. If you dont ever wear stetson, Id be worried.

I actually had a friend that sprayed her boyfriends cologne on herself, it was really weird to always smell like a guy but I guess she found it comforting or somethhing?

LMAO... good one...

#1 Raider Fan
It could be the type of cologne that she wears isn't mixing well with her body chemistry and it makes it smell like that. It could also be that if you wear cologne some gets on her when she's close to you or she walks in wear you spray it.

Eileen J
Did you buy her some by mistake? I sometimes use men's shaving creme ..,,I like the smell better than some girls .You have any other reasons to think its anything else? Chances are if she is cheating you already assume things like that for reasons...THINK HARD and than ask ...She might just have some yukky cologne she likes....

Well I can tell you from personal experience, a lot of perfumes, even expensive ones smell like Raid on me! I have only found a couple that actully smell like nice perfume. It has to to with your body chemistry.

Master Nick
shes cheating on you

Yes there is. Its called sleeping around.

sounds like a cheatin disease if you ask me!

Brian F
She's doing Tom Brady

call joey grecko, hell know what to do

hun she might either have ALOT of male friends... or shes cheatin on u.. try askin her..

answer my question please

Client 9-Valerie X
Who hooks up with a guy that wears Stetson????


Magpie Marie
Some body sprays/perfumes can mix oddly with your natural odor (my old deodorant would do that), so I suppose so..

Just be straight up man. Tell the truth. You're all over her. You are just all over her, all the time...

ohhhhhhh boy. put the pieces of the puzzle together

unique 39
yes it's called cheating!


Tina T
Uhh yeah...its called the "cheating syndrome"

It effects women and men alike...wake up and smell the coffee...not the Stetson!

For some strange reason when women lie they smell like mens cologne. It's pretty amazing isn't it? Kinda like pinocchio and the whole nose thing!

Brown Water Drinker
Chest rubbing, back rubbing, and body rubs can cause this affect.

It's womens perfume mixed with BO

Smiley Coyote
Do you wear Steston? Do they still make that?

Mickey V
Maybe she is spending time rubbing up next to a guy named stetson.

yes its called rubbing up on men that arent your husband.

Sounds like Infidelity Syndrome.

Have you smelled all of her perfume to see if it is that? Some womens scents are musky and kind of smell like cologne. Or she could be using your deoderent, or she is cheating. Sorry.

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