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Should I hyphenate my last name with my husband's?
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Should I hyphenate my last name with my husband's?

I want to keep ALL of my names LOL! I want to keep my middle name and maiden name, and his last name. Should I hyphenate it or just use my maiden name as my middle name? OR, should I keep them all? I like the sound of hyphenated last names, but it could get confusing. HELP!! I just don't know what to do. My husband doesn't mind either way. I just know I want his last name in there too.


Hyphenation sounds good. I understand about you wanting to keep your name, it's good to be proud of it.

Try to see how it sounds with a hyphened name, lots of people have them and it's completely acceptable.

Would your children just have his last name? You may want to think about that.

Unless it sounds stupid, hyphenation is cool! :D

Ask him to choose with you. Not us.

Ayo A
it quite a problem and it would be a mouthful to prounce, especially if u include your middle name.

why not just stick with your husband's last name?

without knowing the names, i don't know how it sounds. I say go with your husband last name which is now yours!

I advise you to think of if you are going to have children and what would they have to write. Most people with hyphenated names have an affect. Im not saying you do but the ones I know are different.

I think it's overly pretentious to have a hyphenated last name. And it's a nightmare on the kids to have a different last name from mom.

You're married! Support your husband, use HIS name. Be a TEAM!!!!!

With all those names, it would be pretty easy to annoy the heck out of the people at the DMV, so I say go for it!

I tried doing that but it's a royal pain in the ****. It's so much easier (and he will love you more) to change your name and keep it along with the marital vows.

Also it's easier when you have kids and everybody has the same name.

No, part of getting married is taking his name. It shows commitment on your part.

LOL!! I think you should use all of them!! Hahaha
Your name: Rosie boopie loopy
His last name: corn
Your new name: Rosie boopie loopy corn :D
Or rosie boopie corn loopy

Take your question to its logical extreme, and your descendants adopt the same attitude of hyphenating.
Imagine someone called
Joe Brown-Smith-Wilson-Parry-Green
or similar.
There was a time when women were proud to have their husband's surname. There are other ways of showing your femininity, independence, or whatever.

punxsutawney phil
He can change his name to yours. He said he doesn't mind.
After all, it's only a name.

if i were u i would keep them all and just have a really long name, but if u dont want a really long one, just hyphenate it. You dont really have much of a choice if u want to keep all names.

for me it would depend on the flow of the names...say how many syllables are we talking here? my last name has 2 and my b/f's has 3. that's a mouthful and i wouldn't dream of hyphenating that.....but everyone is different. i think it makes a lot of work for others as well who have to listen to and repeat your name back. i like to keep things simple myself.

Follow your gut and do what you want. If it makes you happy and doesn't cause any harm than just do it. Better now to make the change than after you are married.

hey =) it's all up to you. It's your name afterall. You can keep all your names if you want to.

I have a first, middle and Chinese name. Add all those to my family name and you'll know what I have to deal with hahaha but it doesn't faze me. It's not like you use all your names in public - i.e. when you introduce yourself to someone etc.

Do whatever makes you happy sweetie!

No, way too pretentious!

I have always thought that if you hyphenate a name that means both of you use the combined name and it is passed to the children but if you just use both your maiden and surname without a hyphen it is an artifice often used by famous women to preserve a professional identity and used only when referring to the woman and not her other half.

well you may be married now however your name gets bigger not smaller,

I had a similar issues with my name, for example if your name was:

Margrate Hilda ROBERTS
before you got married you can keep all your names and just add your husbands surname as your surname

for example you you might be married to

Robert Thatcher

then your married name would be
Fname : Margrate
Mname : Hilda Roberts
SName: Thatcher.

it will sound better and creat less confusion for you and the authorities that might have to deal with in future.

whenever filling in your paperwork you can still use H R as your middle initials.

good luck

I would say keep them all. I mean, it's what you want and he doesn't mind. My mother and two sisters have their middle, maiden, and married names., and in my opinion, it really isn't all that confusing.

Good luck with your decision.

Jacob W
If you want to keep your maiden name use the hyphenated method. It distinctly avoids confusion.


Ashley N
have both your and his last name

what ever makes you happy. But people will probably call you by the first of your hypenated names.

First of all, don't type lol it's trite.

Second, stop with the F-ing hyphenating, you're not impressing any of us. What are you a Movire Star? You need to hyphenate? Why?

If you husband doesn't mind, he's a weak man.

Jacob A
If you do then I hope he is the only guy you end up marrying. I can just imagine the length of your name should you get married a few times.

BTW Since you are married then all of the people saying it is your decision so do as you please are wrong. This automatically involves your husband, so you should speak with him about the matter.

If you don't want to give up your name, then I suggest you add his and hyphenate it.

When I married, my husband from Wales, they do hyphenate their names , and have done for generations. In North America it is up to you. If it sounds good together, go for it. Use your maiden name first. Remember if you have children, what you put on their birth certificate will be their surname. Whether you use the hyphenated name or just your husbands will be between the two of you. If you use both, think ahead to when they marry. If you son's intended wishes to have her surname included, what will your son drop or include?
Back to you. I personally like a hyphenated name, but if it is long, like mine, I find most things you have to sign - credit slip, cheque book, etc., they do not leave enough space. Also most stores, etc., do not know how to list it - It should be under the first letter of your surname if that is listed first. But a lot file it under the first letter of the second part after the hyphen. Post office, prescriptions, photo developing shop, things being held for you in a store, etc. often are filed wrong. Can be frustration. Good Luck. Judy

Emma Jean
Kinda depends what your name is and what his name is...

Some people think is't a bit pretentious to hyphenat these days - it had a bit of a comeback in the '80's ...
you also need to think about what you might then call any children - you would have a different surname to him. Unless he changed his by deed - poll to be hyphenated too...

There's no right answer .

hope this helps!!

It is your choice go ahead and hyphenate that way you get to keep a piece of your old identity.

Ralph T
If you keep your maiden name and use your husband's last name,you should hyphenate.
This will allow you to use your maiden name on things like your drivers license and bank accounts without having to change everything over to your married name.
Also,you do not have to change to your hubby's last name just because you got married-you can still use you maiden name.
It is only by custom and tradition that the woman takes the husband's last name after marriage.
Look at Hillary Clinton,she never used "Clinton" as part of her name until Bill ran for the White House and that was after advisers suggested it to her to help get the votes of married people.

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