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Should I let him get his belongings with me in the house or should I leave for the day?
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Should I let him get his belongings with me in the house or should I leave for the day?

My husband and I are going through a divorce. He left me after we have been together for 17years via a text message while I was at work. My lawyer contacted him in regards to getting a list together of the personnal items that he wants from the house. My question is should I let him come into the house and take what is his or should I gather everything and but it in the garage? This has only been a month and a half since he left so I am still very torn. What are some suggestions?


I would have the things/possessions he has requested packed and ready for him in the garage. I would not want to be there. It will probably be very painful for you. Go and spend some time with supportive friends and give him a time line in which to come to retrieve his items. Good luck!

waiting for baby
You should pack it up and put it in the garage
but stay home be and at least be part of what he take from your home
remember he mihgt whan to take things that you want to keep

Tommy T
I would want to be there but not alone... make sure you have a friend.

Be home when he comes.

Have his things boxed and ready in the garage.

I ♥ my baby
i would be there so you know he doesnt take anything that does not rightfully belong to him

if you want to stay in the house to make sure he take the things that belong to him and him only the things that are listed you can you can request that is escorted by the police if you fear it will not have a good outcome, if you trust him to take only the things he has listed then you can leave it comes down to what you want to do and what would be easier for you to handle.... im sorry i couldnt be of more help hope all works out for you god bless

Just to be on the safe side, I would request to have a police officer and/or your lawyer there while he got his things. That way, he won't be able to break into the house and take anything else - or threaten you in any way.

it is better to let someone else be there so he doesn't take anything else. if you are there you will be hurt more. when he leaves it will be as though he left you another time

Anne W
If you feel comfortable alone with him, then let him come in. If not, then ask the local police to be there when he does come to get them to make sure he only takes what is his, doesn't mess with you or your stuff and for a witness to be there in case something does happen.

retired man
first the man should have been nice enough to tell you face to face no matter what the reason you deserve better than a text be nice let him come and get his stuff.if he gets abusive ask him to leave or call the police.there is more fish in the sea

You should be there but have a girl friend standing by. Keep all answers to a yes or no. The divorce is not final so anything said is going to be twisted out of context. Thus the yes or no answers. If you park what "YOU" think he should have out in the garage, then he will destroy you in court. When there is a difference of opinion of what he should and should not take, tell him you will put it aside and have the lawyers hash it out.

Be home, just do like my husband did and not allow him to take anything. I wasn't allowed to take what belonged to me before the marriage.

januari c
being there might be hard but if you still trust him to take only whats his unless you guys are fighting over certain items i would leave or doing like you said and packing it is a great idea and maybe then letting him go through the home to make sure you got everything just so that he feels comfortable about you packing it and everything. its a touchy subject. good luck sweetie! youll be just fine but one more thing a text message how low if you ask me! *tsk* *tsk*

Sha Re'
I would suggest you be there, and have everything gathered so that he can take it, I was not home when the ex was leaving, and he took a lot more than he was supposed to. That was a set up for more confrontation if I wanted the items back, or just forget about it and let him have it, which I did. Still, if you don't want him to get over, be home. Stay strong. I wish you the best.

Ask a friend or a relative to be there. Make sure this person knows what does not belong to him. Make a list. When I was going through my divorce, I boxed all of his things and still made my friend follow him around with the list of things in her hand, while he was doing his thing.

To hell with packing his stuff that is so hard!! Just scoop it up and throw it all in the driveway. That is a million times more mature then breaking up via tex to your 17 year old relationship! Tell him you hope he has some plastic bags or boxs!

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