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Should I marry a girl 17 years younger to me?
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Should I marry a girl 17 years younger to me?

I am 42, father of a 13 year old and married for 15 years. But our marriage has been on rocks from begining. There is no chemistry. Now this 25 year old girl came in life. When I am next to her, it is kind of healing. She is in love with me. But I am not sure if we marry, this will be good to me and my 13 year old. Has anyone else gone thru this? Please advise.


if ur sure you two are in love

You're not divorced yet...why don't you end one relationship, get yourself grounded and centered, and THEN think about moving on with someone else (no matter what their age). Right now you're just infatuated with a younger woman who is some or all the things your wife is not. Stop living in fantasy land and get real and take care of your business.

Mary B
You are married and have made a covenant with your wife. Just because a younger girl comes along and provides "healing" doesn't mean you should just take the bait.

Work on restoring the relationship with your wife of 15 years.

Get divorced first and then decide.

make sure she isn't a gold digger

You need to be clear on what each of your goals are. As one example: Does she want children of her own? Do you want more children? If she does and you don't it wouldn't be right to marry. Think about all these possible life events and make sure you're in agreement. If you are, then good luck!

yuck! Listen you are not in love with this GIRL you feel young when you are next to her. My dad married a girl 20 years younger than him three years ago and now he is going through a divorce. Turns out she has another man who can still perform on the side. Dad could when they married but now he can't. This GIRL never worked took all of his money and now that he is broken in more ways than one she wants nothing to do with him. He is a sad, poor, pathetic old man who will probably spend the rest of his life alone all because he wanted a piece of young ***. Is this the future you want? Think about what you are doing, try to make your marriage work not for your little girl but for your own future.

its okay
always remembe
just talk it over with your daughter!!or son!!!

well my father and mother are 13 years apart. dont worry about the age difference worry about the chemistry between your 13 year old and the young woman.

kelly S
No thats wrong so wrong

I reckon you should talk about the problem with your current wife before having decisions to marry a 25year old.

My husband is 12 years older than me and we'll be married 35 years on Sept. 22. Age has never played any part in our marriage. As a matter of fact I think he looks younger than me. I can't say if this will be a good thing for you and your daughter because every case is different. Is your new lady and your daughter willing to except each other? If not it will be rough sailing for you. Good luck!!!!!

Actually there is no chemistry with the 25 year old either......unless you are paying her bills.....in that case you are so right there is lots of chemistry!!!! and the only chemistry you are feeling has to do with an inflated ego bc you have caught the eye of a young one......who will get tired of you esp since you are prime for Viagra.

I am sure your 13 year old will not have any issues with you dumping their mom for someone young enough to be their SISTER!!!!!!!!!

Phillies in 2008
sure your both adults


Well, i do think age doesn't matter. But at this point i think it does.
i mean.. that's a very big age gap! When you get older, she'll still be young. and my ownly thought is that, what happens when you get older, and she sees a guy more of her age; she might just run off with him, and you end up getting hurt in the end.
i think it's best if you try and help the marriage with your wife. You don't seem to be into your wife so much? Since you brought up marrying this 25 year old. If you really don't have feelings for your wife, and don't want to try, then file a devorce, but i'd wait a while and [DATE] this 25 year old, for a while before you get married..That way she'll have time to wonder if she wants to make this comittment with you and vise versa.
Best way to know with your 13 year old, is talk to her about it.
I know if my dad wanted to marry a girl 17 years younger, i wouldn't be the happiest of the bunch!
Just take it easy, and do it at the right time; don't rush things.
Take care,

It's hard to say, sometimes May/December relationships don't last due to a lack of having things in common. You may need to put an effort into relating to a 25 year old, that is on a cultural level. I dated a girl that was a lot younger than me and I had a hard time relating to her and her friends, every time her and her friends wanted to do something I felt like "been there, done that" and her taste in entertainment was much different than my own.

Munya Says: DUH!
She's way too young. At 25, she's still in the "party have fun" mode. Have a long engagement, wait til she's 30.

#10♥Eli Manning....my hero☺
i think you should consider the future, not the present. sure, your daughter may like it now (possibly), but in 10 years when shes 23 and her stepmother is 35, how is she going to feel? the age difference is only 12 years, but my sister and I are 18 years apart. Besides, maybe you should try to work it out with your wife, for your daughters sake. Just, in the end, you should really do whats best for your daughter's FUTURE.

as long as both of you are of legal age why not

Dr Phil
Go for it and live the dream of all men. Don't forget the pre-nup.

I mean, I guess if you really love her.

I don't see a problem with the ages here. The only possible issue is how you son interacts with your 25 year old girlfriend. How is your girlfriend about having a 13 year old son?

Hm....are you sure you want to be married at all? If you are married already...and unfaithful...maybe you should be single for awhile before jumping into a commitment like that again?
I don't think your 13 yo will accept any of it easily, but if you are completely unhappy in your marriage and have done everything you can to make it work, then that unhappiness is probably affecting your child anyway.
Some things to consider. :)

if you are married still which it sounds like you are go to marriage counseling. the 25 year old is young and has a life ahead of her dont throw her into parenthood adn especially dont even think about marriage if you are still married because obviously you need to be able to try harder for a more sucessful marriage. dotn loose focus on rasing your child because of your messed up love life.

She's making you feel 'young again'. Every married person is at one time or another, infatuated with someone who makes them feel young or needed or attractive. Don't hurt your family by making a mistake based on something as simple as that. If you are unhappy in your marriage, talk to your wife... you never know she could be equally unhappy. If you both decide you do not want to be married anymore, make those decisions on your own and don't let an attractive 25 year old help in those decisions.

age is just a number

don't do it. For her sake.

Why don't you just give it some time? What is your hurry?
Use your own common sense and judgment about how she treats you and your child.

I don't think age really matters in love. But if I read it correctly, you are still married. A divorce could really upset your children. You'd have to think of them... then again if things are really that bad, then staying together could upset them more.

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