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Should my daughter really have to sleep with her future father in law just to be accepted into the family?
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Should my daughter really have to sleep with her future father in law just to be accepted into the family?

My daughter and her fiance have been dating for 5 years and are scheduled to be married next month. My daughter is very excited about her up and coming wedding but is not thrilled about what she has to do just for the marriage to take place.
Her fiance's family is from New Mexico, and they say that it is tradition down their for the bride to be to sleep with the father in law 3 times, a week before the wedding. They say that without this taking place, the wedding cannot happen.
My husband and I think that our daughter should go along with this. We feel that she needs to do whatever it takes to get into that family. Her fiance makes her happy and she would only have to sleep with her future father in law 3 times. He just wants to make sure that she is good enough for his son. Is this right? Should my daughter sleep with her future father in law just to marry into the family?


Richard G
I know about this tradition very well. I am the cousin of the father-in-law and she must also sleep with me 3 times two weeks before the wedding, just don't tell my wife. I live in Colorado just up the road. I can come pick her up.

Are you fricken nuts? Would you have slept with your husbands father to marry your husband? You are out of your mind.

But don't forget to send her to Colorado two weeks before the wedding. I have to ensure that she is a good lay for my nephew.


Bagmamma is that you?

What is wrong with you people, as parents you are OK with your daughter sleeping with her future father in law... are you going to sleep with your future son in law to make sure hes good enough for your daughter... What is so important that she get into THAT family DISGUSTING... Never mind I just read your other question "Should I stuff my umbilical cord with small pieces of fruit before reinserting it into my uterus?"

NOT as smart as a 5th grader
Are you stupid? Of course she shouldn't.

Poppet, you are funny. I do think this is bagmamma, lol!

i have never heard of such a custom. well, outside of the 16th century perhaps. to me, it sounds like a bunch of crap. is the fiancees father sleeping with his daughters' soon to be husbands as well to ensure they are "good enough" to wed his female children? he should, double standard and all.
i think it's ludicrous, immoral and indecent. for the record, i'm no prude, but this one shocked me.

Now I have heard it all!
Sounds like in midevil times in Europe when the Lord of the land claimed this right.

Forward to 2007:
My answer to this demand/arrangement is NO, NO, NO!!!
How does the son feel about this arrangement?
If he agrees to it, then he is a spineless whimp.
How would he feel if his father gets the woman pregnant?
Does this couple plan on living under the roof of the father-in-law permanently?
A newly wed couple needs to be out on their own living away from the in-laws.

Bite me
You should go to prison just for telling her to do it!!!

Yvette D
Maybe you should sleep with him if you want her to be apart of the family.....Your daughter shouldn't do anything as SICK like this...She should be the one to do whatever she wants and if she has any self worth or respect for herself she WON"T****

This is too sick to talk about.

waiting for baby
Good advise mama
what don't you sleep with the old man for her

You have no respect for you daughter if you think she should do this. That is just plain sick.

Absolutely NOT!! She should run from that family.

Tom S
Nice try.... lol,,,, you should write a book about this or even make a movie out of your ideas!

BS! this is stupid. No she shouldnt do anything like that what a bunch of horse crap. Thanks for the 2 points

You are an imbilcil! No she shouldn't....

This is a blantant falsehood! There is no such custom in the State of New Mexico. This law is only on the books in Louisana, Alabama and Mississippi.

~life sucks~
What freakin ever! Helllllloooooo, its New Mexico, not some a** backwards 3rd world country in the middle of nowhere. Either you are really bored with alot of time on your hands or your future son in laws family is god d*mn nuts and your daughter needs to run for the hills and fast!

That's disgusting. Someone is lying to her. And I can't believe the son doesn't object.

Is this a joke?

yuck so gross your a fuc* up mom & what kind of a fiance is he any way to let his future wife sleep with his grandfather what if she get pregnant

such a stupid fuc* up family your & their is

Paul's Doll : )
This CANNOT be true!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!


Sondra D
Are you nuts???? What kind of a sicko mother are you? You must really hate your daughter to push her off like that.

Um NO! thats bs..and you should have more respect for your daughter and your family to be ok with this and believe she should go along with it. And I wouldnt want my daughter marrying someone who believes this is ok as well.

That's crazy and a line of...

You agree with this, you are as sick as the future family, ditch them and run - fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

never heard about this kind of bull,
hope you made this story up. really do.
if not,
if not, ....

Have you completely lost your mind... Let me ask you something if your son brought home a fiance would you allow your husband to sleep with her, I cannot believe as a parent that your advise to her is to go ahead and sleep with the father in law. How sick is that. There is no tradition like that and if there is then your daughter needs to run the other way. Do you have any idea how scarring this is going to be for your daughter, and what if she was to get pregnant by him, and dont tell me about protection because we all know it can still happen, you want to explain to your grandchild that one of his/her grandparents is really his/her father. You are opening a bad can of worms here. Step back from this and see for what it really is. If your daughters fiance loves her so much there is no way he would allow this to happen. Get a grip this is your daughter, not some sick game.

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