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Should my husband and his brother really be taking bubble baths together??
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Should my husband and his brother really be taking bubble baths together??

Last night when I got home from work I got the shock of my life. I caught my husband and his brother in the bath tub together. They had rose petals in the water, soft music playing and candles lit all around the bathroom. I was outraged and demanded that both he and his brother get dressed and have some shame.
My husband and his brother looked at me like I was crazy. They said that they have been doing this for years. They says that they have always taken baths together and that is how they bond. My husband told me that I have no reason to be upset with him. Is he right? Should my husband and his brother really take baths together??


I guess even trolls need clean husbands.

I guess it's ok.

r u sure its his brother?

You have run out of material, dear. None of it is funny or shocking anymore.

It's not normal and FLOWERS with SOFT MUSIC, if they say they were bonding, What kind of bonding exactly they were going to do?

Hello Out There! You need rose petals and soft music to BOND with your adult brother? Since when? It's disturbing to say the least. If you are serious, your husband needs some serious psychological help, if you are not serious you are the one in need of psychological help.

What, what, what??
If they have been doing this for years, you should have been told about this ritual before the wedding. I wouldn't care if I found them in the tub with or without boxers...or with candles and rose petals...IF they hadn't hid it from me to begin with. They have ALREADY bonded; they're brothers!! I would ask them if bending over, between brothers, is another bonding ritual that you should be aware of.

Salt&Pepper Apricot
Is this even a true story? If so, your husband is gay.

wow! think of the saving on your water bill!!!

kelsy may s

Frankly, the first thing I thought was, "Where on earth did you find a house with a bathtub big enough for two adult males to take a bath together -- AND have room for rose petals?"

Bekah D
Personally i think thats a little weird.....
If you're okay with them doing that then theres no reason to worry but if you're uncomfortable with them bathing together then talk to your husband about it. Hopefully he will understand and stop.
Hope it helped

weird for both of them to do it together, keep ur eyes out

jorge e
IS THIS SOME KIND OF SICK JOKE??!!!!??? or are you sure you were perhaps sleeping and you had this strange dream? Anyhow...
It is said that we should always hold a bit of the child in us until our last breath. Perhaps those two have a lot of child left in them from when mom used to put them both in the bathtub and they played with the bubbles.. Now I have a question about that music,, you said it was soft music,,, was a children's song? Becasue if it was then what is your problem woman,, they were just tyring to relive moments of when they were toddlers. However it was some real romantic gay song then you should try to figure out if your husband is bi and his brother is also bi or gay. And here I bet you thought you knew your husband much better than that? There should be a special section for this kind of mental question.


Not just no, but absolutely hell no! Would you even question this situation if you came home and found him in that environment with another woman?


I don't know about "should", but I definitely think it's a bit strange. from the romatic way you describe the room, it sounds like more of a seduction scene than anything else. has he ever set the bathroom up like that for the 2 of you?

I thought you caught your brother with your mother in law? I guess they just like to keep it in the family. You need to quit making these stories up.

Well I think your husband and his brother are just really closed with each other. but at their age I guess they should be matured enough to know their limitations. Try to talk to your husband regarding that but with calm and soothing terms to keep away those arguments. hope I've helped you.

Aaron F
well......it is quite immature but if u feel very uncomfortable with that u should try and stop them.but they might enjoy doing it if they have done it for years.u could make a choice

Think you should speak to your husband and tell him to stop this nonsense.

Peter O
Hmmm .. quite clearly this is a fictional question, judging by some of the previous questions that you have asked.
Nevertheless, if it was a true scenario, I know of some guys who would think that the whole scenario was HOT HOT HOT.

Me on the otherhand ... well, I think (if it's true) that it's all quite bizarre. I'd let him know that I wasn't happy, but stay out of it. If you think it goes beyond a bubble bath, and you know what I mean, I'd be considering separation.

But then again, I'm a guy, so what would I know.
Which reminds me, I haven't rung my brother for a while ..........

That is too funny, your husband and his brother did really good, it works! look at you

OK yuck...I find this hard to even believe but if there is any truth to this then your husband and his brother are not right and probably doing more then just taking a bath together....why do I say that? Because if it were just a bath there would be no rose petals and soft music...and candles. Sick just sick

WTF??? Are you serious? That isn't bonding. That's screwed up. Rose petals?? Candles??? That's a date night. They need to talk to a professional.

hey there :D
They should not. You and your husband should.

Naomi H
That is just nasty. They are grown men. If they want to bond, they need to go play basketball.

That is not normal... yuck,,,,,,, they both need to grow up

Its not weird for two brothers or male cousins to bathe and or shower together. We continue to do even @ 15 and when he @ 22, and with guy friends on trips. It saves time and water. And when you're in a family of all teenage boys up to early 20s, you almost have too, and even if it continues later on, it might be practical and bonding if the situation comes up. But we didn't make a big deal of it or have rose petals, candles and romantic music. That's the weird/gay stuff about it. That's the things that make it sound what a guy/girl combination might do whether in a movie or real life, or even man/wife. Obviously, though even though they like it and comfortable with it, the one man's wife isnn't. So, sounds like all parties should sit down and discuss what goes on and if it must stop, or a marraige must stop because brothers don't get divorced.

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