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Should you marry for love or money?
Find answers to your legal question.

Should you marry for love or money?

or both?


Um Anisa
Defiantly love. I wouldn't have gotten married for any other reason.

love, money will come later

if you marry for money, your a gold digger, if you marry love, your a real person with a real heart

Rudi A
Love is primary,Money secondary. Example,
When I got married I could only afford a one
bedroom apt with a small living room and a
small bathroom and a small kitchen, but love
is what brought us togeather. Now 20 yrs later
because we both have worked and saved I
live in a 4 bedroom home 2 complete baths
big living room, big dining room, big kitchen
a bar and all sits on an acre of land here in
beautiful Pamana., and to top it off all is paid

love, you'll never be satisfied with just money in the long run. Money won't hold your hand when your sick.

love! working together with someone that u are in love with and building a life together can encourage u to build a nest-egg for yourselves in the future. let the money come later. something that u have both worked for and enjoying life together.


If you're like the rest of us - love. To have both would be great....but love is the only thing that will make you happy.

Hopefully both. If I had a choice, I'd say marry for money because you'd never have to worry about it. I married for love and it never got me any richer LOL.

if you get married it should be because you love him/her...if you marry for money you will never be happy...

Love. If you love someone and they have money, that's a bonus. Love won't pull you through the bad times, love will. In the end, money can buy you lots to fill your life but without love, you will never be fully satisfied. You'll always want more

depends whats more important to you

oh hell money can't buy love!!! I rather fall in love then be sure if I want to marry'um. Love is better,kinda hard to get both. marry for love than for $$ and be miserable,. Nah LOVE IS BETTER!!!

If you can find both in one package by all means marry for both!!!

But, if you can't I would go with love. I would rather be poor happy and in love then rich and miserable without it.

Money can buy a lot of things but it can't buy you real true love.

I agree that it would depend on what is most important to you.

love, money can run out

It's generally easiest to love the person with whom you share your money.

T Time

Erin D
only for love

Although I have jokingly said to my co-workers... first marriage is for love and second is for money, I dont mean it.

I would get bored very fast if I didn't love the man with the money. I know myself well enough to say he would annoy me if I didn't love him but loved his money.

I would rather marry a poor man, love him and be happy, then marry a man for his money and be unhappy and not love him.

I don't get it
I asked this question before and I liked the person who answered both. You should look for a quy with the qualitys and goals you have and build your dreams together. So Love, definately Love.

When you get married, it's because you love each other. It is wrong to marry a guy just for his money. People who marry a guy just for his money are called gold diggers. I married my husband for love and for who he is and not for his money. I dislike people who marry just for money.

If you have to ask, you don't need to get married!

marry for love money is security but like anything money even love can come and go.

depends ;)

That's a silly question.....money doesn't make you happy. If you woke up tomorrow and lost everything you had, your home, car, possessions, job, etc. You would be completely lonely without someone you love. On the flip side, you could be completely wealthy and still completely lonely.

Love is far better than any amount of money.

If u have to choose, marry for love. Of course if u can have both, that would be the best.


No i think we should marry for love, whats the point of marrying for money unless you don't mind being married 5 times or something, but i also think that people getting married should also be aware of people who are in debt cause if you marry that person you take it on NOT COOL


It would be ideal if you marry for both. However do marry for love and a steady working man.

Well when I got married it was for love, we didn't have much money to speak of. Some time after we were married we started a business together and we then had money. We were happy until the money started coming in and then things went very bad. It ended in a divorce.

I am happy now and have no money to speak of, just enough to get by on and that is it. I can't afford anything extra now at all and I am happier now.

Has any body not ever heard the old saying that "money is the root of all evil"?

So IF I was ever to get married again.......it would be for love!!!!
Love is what makes the world go round....at least that is what the Candy Man says.

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