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Should you stay with your husband if he cheated and got another women pregnant?
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Should you stay with your husband if he cheated and got another women pregnant?


No, NO, NO,
Why would you even ask?

no chance. if he cheated once he will cheat again.

personally, and really why would i stay with a cheater, i would always be reminded of his cowardice, and betrayal , it would be better to move on, i dont want to waste my time with him any longer

I would not. I would resent him too much.



Alwyn C
Even in the Bible adultery is the only reason in God's eyes that you can leave a husband for.

yikes! its easy to say of course not but do you have kids of your own with him? that makes it much harder, cuz you can leave but still have to stay in contact with this man. i myself could never trust him again so no i couldnt stay, and most likely down the road he will do it again, and be smarter and more discreet next time. if you do stay it will take along time before you will feel comfortable with him being away from you, can you deal with that, all the worrying and stress? all things to consider, good luck

Depends on you. I know someone who did and eventually her husband divorced her to be with a third woman. It's a big gamble depending on what your husband is willing and planning to do from now on. Will he support this child? Are you ready for the fact that the other woman and this kid will always be in your life?
Are you willing to work through this? Is your husband?
Be as honest as you can with yourself, you have a long road ahead of you and a lot of healing to do. In the end, do what is best for you and your family, without worrying about image or other people perceptions of a perfect family.

No, he will cheat on you again, and he will also cheat on the pregnant woman. Poor child, its men like that, that give good men a very bad name.

Eat Fish
Do you still love him and can you deal with the baby being a part of his life? (And the Mom?)

lol I just read another question by a guy that got another woman pregnant and wasn't telling his wife. I hope that's not the same one.
Anyway, it's obvious to me (an outsider) to see that he clearly hasn't found the right person. It's clear to me that you haven't found the right person either. The right person for you would not cheat on you and hurt you. I'm sure there were other things in the relationship going on that probably shouldn't have. This just gives it all the more evidence that it wasn't right.
I know I wouldn't want to stick around while my husband has a baby with another woman. I wouldn't even know how to explain that to anyone.

Wow, that is a tough one. There is so much to think about...do you have children w/your husband? If you can forgive him and trust him then you have your answer.

mia b
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GEEEEEEZZZZZ........... are you kidding me?



I think the answer is.....


No, there's no question about it.

Do what makes you feel safe and comfortable. Myself I wouldn't stay with him I would have left him long ago. My exhusband cheated on me and I left. But that's what works for me.

can u ‚ô• moi?
where is your self esteem????????

Sure, he needs someone to take care of his illegitimate kid while he goes to work to pay for child support.

Santa's Elf
I wouldn't. If you are the wife and your husband did this, only you can make such a decision.

Alot of people will answer this question but he's your husband and the real question lies in you.Can you handle looking at him everyday knowing he was with someone else. Are you up for sharing and knowing it's because he had an affair while he was married to you.looking at his child and trying not to have screwed up thoughts is almost unhuman and would take time. I'm not being mean to you ,I just want you to understand that it would take a great deal on your part. A great emotional turmoil you would be under.Could you do it ?Yeah a woman can do anything she puts her mind to.But do you want to be reminded of the worst moment of your guys marriage? A counselor would help definitly.It probably could of been better between the two of you if she didn't get pregnant. Pray on this one,and if you don't have any kids with him I would leave!!!!!!!!!

one person
are you crazy? someone else is pregnant, you are no longer needed, get out while you can

you know the answer is NO, but you just can't bear to leave him right?

Ask yourself if you are better off with him in your life or without him.Even this can be forgiven, if you are both determined to work things out. It is not always true that once a cheater, always a cheater. Talk to your husband and find out how he feel about the situation, and analyze your feelings.Do not rush to make a decision.

NO. That is an easy one.

no no no no no. if he cheated and he went to the extreme of not using a condom or just even busting then he was asking for it! he messed his life up so now it's time do leave his cheating butt. you can also take him to the bank for infidelity. get your own bank account and save up. Leave his cheating butt cause all it's gonna do now is make more stress on your marriage and everytime you see the baby(visitation) you will see her. no go your seprete ways . sorry to say it but i would leave mine if he did that!

do you seriously need an answer?!?
You will no longer be number 1 in his life. He cheated, he broke the vows, now run for the hills and stick him with his hands stuck in the cookie jar.

Emmie S
no!!! that show so much disrespect towards you ....

depends because there is always a chance he will go back to her because of the child, if he doesn't go back to her u will still have her and the child in your life for a long time. not to mention the support payments, it's not something that is going to go away, visitation, support, the whole nine yards. the girlfriend may not allow him to bring the kid near u, because he chose u over her. just a string of problems that might come up. personally i couldn't stay with him, never know when he might decide the child is more important to him than u.

no. if my husband got another female pregnant i would divorce him for adultery and get allimony and child support. he obviously just showed how much he cares so get what you deserve.... everything. good luck

No !!!!!!!!,,, my husband must never give money to another woman, Just becuase he Knocked her up.

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