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Wat can u do with a husband who is abusive physically but says he loves u deeply,and can't live without u?
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Wat can u do with a husband who is abusive physically but says he loves u deeply,and can't live without u?


Get yourself out of there. He is not only abusive, but says he can't live without you, that is the total murder/suicide type. Get out and be safe. Go to a shelter if you need to, but get away from this man.

You LEAVE him is what you do!

Smile- conquers the world
E S C A P E...

Leave him and let him die! He will never change! If you stay, it will only get worse!

daljack -a girl
You leave him as soon as possible.

He'll love you to your grave.

Green Troll
Let him die.

What you can do is divorce him. All abusive husbands say they love their wives very much. They're lying.
He wouldn't hurt you if he loved you.

Violet Pearl
I'd leave him and see if he was lying. If he couldn't live without me, then he'd die soon after I dumped him. And if he's abusive, that would be fine with me.

If he loved you deeply, he would never abuse you, whether it's emotionally or physically. He has no idea what love is all about. He can do just fine without you. There are more women out there who enjoy being a man's punching bag.

go to the courthouse and file for a civil protection order to have him removed from the home, file for a divorce, and look for someone who truly loves you and wont abuse you. good luck.

tell him go get help at a mental hospital that's what i'll tell my abusive husband if i hear from him


Lisa D
File a restraining order and leave him. He will not change unless he wants to. Abusive men don't change on their own. I would tell someone who can help you and get out of the relationship.

NO!! Leave him. He is phyically and mentally abusing you! He slaps you around a bit and then says he loves you and that he does it because he loves you?!?! Dont take it. Leave him.

dump him after you have him arrested

leave him, health love is not there if he is abusing you. what happens when it gets worse and something more severe happens

Sarah B
Get out. who cares if he says he loves you. If he did he wouldn't hurt you. He has an ego issue and you need to leave. Don't tell him just pack and go. Don't go back. File for devorce once you have left. It could go bad (he could threaten you with things if you tell him your leaving). He doesn't deserve you at all.

Leave him before he put that can't live without you statement to action and try to kill you and himself to.

thurmond gump
you leave him--if he truly loved you he would not hurt you in any way,mentally or physically.don't be a punching bag for NOBODY- not even once because it will only get worse.and also DO NOT LET PEOPLE RENT SPACE IN YOUR HEAD. he says he can't live without you-- well leave and buy a paper every day and look in the obituaries every day. his name will not show up-- he is just a very poor excuse for a man that wants the best of both worlds -punching on ladies and then wants them to take care of him. thats because he cannot paddle his own canoe.don't stay for the children (if any), they are not enjoying the ride either.nor do THEY deserve this sort of stuff.anyway,call his bluff about can't live without you .just tell him " ADIOS , COMPOST. i think everyones prayers are with you and your family.

What are u doin here Hire a lawyer

indian beauty
leave him

Leave him NOW. He will never change.

Just Me
you divorce him. if he truly loved you he wouldn't hurt you in anyway.

Mike M.
What you do is pack up all your things and get the hell away from that monster! You DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have to put up with being treated like that! NO ONE deserves it!

One thing, and one thing only; DUMP HIM.

Sorry; there's only one right answer.

any guy who is physically abusive..shoud be LEFT THEN AND THERE!!honey...u need to understand this will continue forever..if u dont stand up for urself and leave this guy..!!
no matter how much he loves u...he has no right to hit u..!
plz leave him

It is not love to abuse someone physically or verbally. He has a distorted view of love. Do you have children together? If so, they are learning this same pattern and will most likely repeat the pattern in their relationships. Seek counseling and decide for yourself what you need to do for you and your family. By staying w/ him you are telling him it is okay to act this way? I am praying that you will find your way to a loving relationship where someone makes you feel better about you than worse.

Get away fom him quick. He will be the one who will kill you. He will say anything to keep you there.

Leave him, he is very sick. Leave while you are still breathing. Seriously................

I'd laugh in his face and show him I can live just fine without him.

Radhakrishna( prrkrishna)
If he really loves you, he wants you to be happy always wil not be have in an abusive way hurting you.S I first doubt his love .It be Lust.Observe carefully his other activities.How he behaves with others,children,in-laws etc.yu can assess his personality .Try to mend him,if yu really see a point.

If you are sure he is bent upon hurting you,you have to make a decision.are you educated and employed?Can you live happily without him/are there peple who guide you properly?
If you can stand on your legs without any regrets, then youmay think of separation.Dn't make any hasty decision.It is life please.

wishing all the best

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