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What do you do if your husband forgets your birthday?
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What do you do if your husband forgets your birthday?


Remind him it's your birthday .... on your way out the door for a night on the town

hmm what i would do is just let it be...maybe remind him maybe not

Give him a big smile and ask him if he remembers what day is this.

I would make him feel really guity. >:)

My husband has never forgotten my birthday... and never will. I got ahold of his cell phone and put reminders in it. A week before, a few days before. the day before and on the actual birthday. I made the reminders say funny things like . "Wife's birthday in one week... don't forget... she likes diamonds" etc. Not only does it prevent him from forgetting and pissing my off... but it also gives him a laugh when the reminders come up.

get over it, it could be worse

Miss Beotch
maybe he wants you to think that he forgot when really he didn't and has something planned...but otherwise i would be very pissed if my boyfriend forgot my b-day

forgive him...mens are strange sometimes!and we cant to nothing about it! :(((

I think that you have much more trouble in marriage,that you know.

Kick his ***!

Candy B
I know exactly what you mean. Today is my birthday and everyone has called me except my husband. I am not going to tell him that he forgot...why should I? We have been together for 10 yrs! I am not expecting anything...except a Happy Birthday from him. I really don't think that is too much to ask.

remind him, some guys are just forgetful, then next year start dropping hints eary on so he gets the message, also put up a calendar and write it on there in big letters! Also maybe ask a mutual friend to remind him that your birthday coming up!

Throw yourself a birthday party, invite a couple of people over, cook a meal, and let the good times roll. Don't despair - just have fun. Lemons....lemonade...and all that.

I've been in this situation lots of times, but I don't think it's always "forgetting". Sometimes it's that they can't be bothered. For me, over the last 17 years of marriage, it hasn't only been birthday, it's been anniversary, christmas, mother's day, and birthday. I've tried all kinds of things - leaving reminders, leaving suggestion lists, talking to him outright, asking about plans, making my own plans, buying my own gifts and telling him it was from him - and frankly, nothing really has worked. I've cried, cajoled, nagged - tried everything. Now I just hope for the best, but often am disappointed. I guess part of me has just accepted it, although I really fight giving up.

mom of 2
why wouldn't you remind him that its your birthday and tell him because he forgot you get to pick out your own present

well, aside from sulking, tell him that he forgot ur birthday and that it hurt you. ask him if he does have some problems which made him forget ur bday... i'm sure if he really loves u, he'll make up for it.

Monsieur Rick
Gently ask him if he has been experiencing episodes of senility or forgetfulness. If he says no, then claim that you have and can't remember his birthday. He will tell you and you will say, that's right and mine was yesterday.

Lay on the guilt. It can be quite lucrative.

My husband and I have been together over 20 years. It took him 14 years just to remeber when my birthday was! lol
I always used to celebrate his birthday; made it a special occasion when we always did something together. I hired the sitter, made all the plans and it went off without a hitch. Yet, when my birthday rolled around, he never even said happy birthday.
Finally, after way too many years I decided it was time for a change. His birthday came and that night he came home expecting the usual. I helped the kids with homeowork and did housework and acted like it was just another day. I treated him like I always do and we talked about work and how his day was and we had a nice dinner but nothing out of the ordinary.
He sat around after dinner and I could see he was waiting for the celebration to begin. He got more antsy with each passing hour. Finally it was bed time and he looked at me and said "it doesn't feel like I'm another year older today" and I said "Really? It was your birthday? I must have forgot." I giggled myself to sleep that night. After that he suddenly remembered when my birthday was.

My husband did forget mine, when he asked me why I was so grouchy and wouldn't speak to him-I told him he should know and went to my parents house (they lived next door). He came over profusely apologizing, and then took me out to dinner. It jogged his memory.

you simply return the favour and forget his!Now the average man will not be bothered by this cos as far as his is concerned birthday dinners and the like are just too much.....so conclusion is dont take it too hard since man just dont see the importance or purpose of birthdays.

sage seeker
People look at birthdays in different ways depending usually on how these events were handled in their own families. Don't 'personalize' or internalize it. :-) Some remember, some do not [without gentle hints].

daljack -a girl
Tell him that it was your birthday and he forgot.

Then tell him how that made you feel.

Next year remind him.

It all depends on what was going on at the time alot of times people get real busy and occupied with alot of things and they just get caught up sometimes I forget what day it is and even the date sometimes just remind him it could have been an honest mistake

Some men, husband or boyfriend,or father or brother even, don't have sharp memory on dates- whether anniversary or even bday of their kids. Just forgive him and remind him its your bday. Then let him make up for it the next day.

Remind him. Send yourself some flowers and when he asks who they are from and why tell him that they were sent to you for your birthday and then savor the look and expression on his face...LOL...Happy Birthday and Good Luck..

simple---sent your own flowers and buy your own candy---all to be sent under his name....remember afterall is is only a MAN!!!!

and they need all the help they can get

Tell him.... keep it simple - - then nothing more or nothing less.

My wife will always hint at things if I forget. It's really wacky. It's like a guessing game. The longer I don't get it the madder she gets. It's really bad if I am brain dead from work.

Use it as an opportunity...

DON'T SAY ANYTHING. See how long it take him to remember. For every hour after the day has past, it will have to be one week of him making up for it. Method of making up to be chosen by you ;-)

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