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What does it mean if a married man tells a woman that that he's having problems in his marriage...?
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What does it mean if a married man tells a woman that that he's having problems in his marriage...?

...and also tells her that she's his best friend?


Yu Yevon
Clearly preparing to cheat. Why else would he not consider his wife to be his best friend?

that he is having problems in his marriage and he wants to get into the other woman's pants.

It means that he is a scoundrel and is being completely disrespectful to his wife. He is trying to prime the pump for some action.

hes horny and you appeal to him

padrote chingon
it means he wants to bone her

he,s after more than friendship thats for sure

He's trying to get into your pants.

Clearly preparing to cheat. Why isn't his wife his best friend.

He is an adulterer. Don't fall for it. The problem in his marriage is him. He has more activity in his pants then he does in his brain. He isn't worth it. Don't go there. BEWARE !!

sandy s
you should never get involved with a married man if he has problems with her those problems may become yours and besides it morally wrong for you to see a married man let him take care of his own life before starting a new one

it means you tell him your thoughts and prayers are with him and you leave

It means he's horny.

Just Surfin
It probably means he's trying to get into her pants because she'll be stupid enough to believe him and will sleep with him.

He's horney. duh.

Doug J
mistress action

It means that he is an disloyal pig who should be discussing his marital problems with his wife, she is the person involved. How would you like it if you were married and your husband was talking to another woman about you. You can't fix his problem, only he can so he should start at the root of the problem.

If he's not looking for something that he shouldn't be looking for then he should be respecting the sanctity of his marriage.

Perhaps his wife is having a problem not him and he's looking for pity.

yal i have to agree with the very first answer...it is a come on!

All married men that cheat say pretty much the same thing. They always have a reason for seeing other women, like he's having problems at home.
He might be the problem.

daljack -a girl
It means he wants to get in her panties and telling you about his sad marriage will make you feel sorry for him. If there are so many problem he should leave.

He's not going to leave his wife and in the end the woman on the side will get dumped and hurt.

Married men are always off limits.

Booty Call

never again
It means....RUN!!!!!! You are just a play thing

trying to see her reaction cuz hes interested...

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