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What does it mean when a man refers to a woman as peanut butter?
Find answers to your legal question.

What does it mean when a man refers to a woman as peanut butter?


Peanut Butter Legs.....they spread easy

Bs Girl
It means that she is easy. You ever heard the saying spread like peanut butter?

She spreads like peanut butter

SwEEtie PiE
That she is an easy peice of butt

easy to spread

Easy to spread

were you using peanut butter as lubricant?

"She spreads [her legs] as easily as creamy peanut butter."

It's NOT a compliment. I hope nobody has said that about you.

Positive vibes
Learned something new. I would have thought "clingy", but I like the "easy to spread" better.

wouldn't you like to know...
My husband never 'refers' to me as peanut butter. BUT on the other hand...we do say 'Aw, Peanut Butter'. Not sure why. Just something that caught on when we first started dating back in 2000 & stuck ever since. We say it mainly when we do something super sweet for each other, we'll say, "Awww...Peanut Butter". =]

Love my kittys
I have not heard of this. Maybe because peanut butter sticks to bread, or the roof of your mouth. I don't know...just guessing.

Baby Cakes 100
it means they are phsyco

Your guess is as good as mine. However, I love peanut butter! *S*

Space Cadet #5
1. She's sticky, ie. she's difficult
2. She doesn't open her legs easily because they're stuck together.

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