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What happens if I don't let my kids dad see my kids?
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What happens if I don't let my kids dad see my kids?

If I don't take my kids over to their dads house on the weekend when he is supposed to have them, because he verbally abuses them when they are over there and because he is threatening to take them out of the country without permission what will happen? can they be taken from me and forced to go over there?


step one: call the cops/your lawyer and TELL them what is happening before you do that.
step two: keep the kids FAR away from him.
step three: make sure the authorities take action. keep calling, they often forget you.

spankmaster general
You're making up all kinds of excuses not to let him see his kids!

Not too much , you will simply be found in contempt of court and be charged with custodial interference.

You probably won't do much jail time if it's your first offense , but you will lose your kids.

He'll get to spend lots of time with them then.

Kids growing up without a father can lead to many disorders and anxieties.

Their mommy!
If you're held in contempt of court for not following the visitation agreement, it's grounds for a change in custody to the other parent.

develop your evidence and go back to court to get the order changed

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