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What happens when a father refuses to pay childsupport?
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What happens when a father refuses to pay childsupport?


he can be made to by having it taken out of his salary in many states, as well as have any support he is behind on. I would go to your lawyer, explain the situation to them, and get a court date that will force him to pay. He made the child too and should be paying his fair share.

Depends upon the state but he can end up going to jail.

tell the government and theyll fix it up =)

The mom fights back and takes him to court. Eventually he will be court ordered to pay child support. I have seen it go back in years, especially if by the time the child is an adult where there is an award and the father has to pay the mother a lump sum due to his reluctance to pay it during the child's life. I think that is sad really, because the money will inevitably help the child in the long run with finances so why not pay now?

1. The state can have him arrested and jailed.
2. He is personally making a loser of himself as a person who has no concept of responsibility.
3. He is placing his child/children in a position of need and making it difficult for them to be provided with what children require to be healthy and happy.

Lady Blair
he can get a warrant issued and then he go to jail. Also his taxes will be garnished.

If there is a court order pending, or if he has signed an agreement to pay and has not, then he will be ordered to court, sent a bench warrant and eventually arrested.

His wages can be garnished,taxes offsetted,etc. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. Well after this he may not be able to afford any!1!

You call a lawyer. Or if you are low income you can contact the Department of Human Services, they will go after him for you, you just need to provide as much information as you can.

You file a petition against him for nonpayment of child support. Ask the court to make the order a payroll deduction order (garnish his wages). Then your child support will come out of his pay before he gets his check. The money will then be sent to you by your local Child Support Enforcement Unit.

Stright to jail if you push it and i would

May-May`s mommy
he should get an *** kicking! dead beats should be hunt down and labeled for the losers they a re!

well there are steps you take. if he has refused to you then you go to court and have a judgement placed against him. They will total up both parties incomes and tell you how much of the child's expenses you are responsible for and how much the father is responsible for. If he still doesnt pay you have to go back to court and they will order it to be taken directly out of his paycheck and it will be mailed to you through your state child support division agency. If he quits his job then he is still responsible to pay. If he misses two consecutive payments they will send him a letter saying he has 30 days to pay. If he still doesnt then they will suspend his license and he wont be able to get it back until he pays his support in full. If he then still doesnt pay after sixty more days they will send him a supeona to go to court. If he doesnt show up they will issue a warrant for his arrest. They wont go look for him but if he gets stopped by the police for something they will arrest him. It is a whole big long drawn out process.

Good luck to you!


he goes to jail for violating a court order

He is investigated by the CSA who bugger up the case, the bloke doesnt pay enough and the mother gets in a right state filing lawsuits and driving herself insane, well thats what happens in England most of the time!

All the mother has to do when a father refuses to pay child support is go to social services for your town and let them get the authorities involved if she knows of his last place of work and his address he could be in jail within 24 hours. Then he has to pay bail money and they will garnish his wages every week before he even gets his paycheck.

he goes to jail!

the crsu just got his license suspended for failer to pay, he's also been to jail for 30 days. but it does'nt really garentee that they will ever pay. all we can do is keep trying the courts. it does'nt help when they keep having babies though.

jail, the government will keep his taxes if he is working or has worked in the last yr and getting any type of refund. in some states they will also take his drivers license away


if you take him to court..and win...they can put a garnish on his paychecks at work..so the money will go to you no matter what...

he will go to court then jail then to hell.

Well if he lives in the state of Louisiana god help him. If they cant catch him to go to jail he drivers license is flagged. He has to pay a fine to have that off then pay back support after that. So it all how your state is run and how much you can pay a good lawyer. By the time you do all that..your running into big bucks. But most states will do the tracking. You just give them the info.

If the child is biologically and legally his - you can take him to court and the court can garnish his wages and pay them to you. It probably won't be much.

Usually child support payments are taken directly out of paychecks. So many times though people (men and women) get out of it by working under the table and getting cash to avoid taxes and paying child support among other things. Eventually they could be incarcerated for failure to pay. Honestly though it takes a lot of effort on your part as well as the law to get people to pay child support. More often than not you barely ever see a dime of the money that is owed to your children.

Aparently nothing cuz my ex hasnt paid in 3 years and is suffering no reprocussions. But we are.

take the dbd to court and sue for the current and back child support owed and ask the courts to review the child support order. you could end up getting more support each month.

Bad things, I would think it involves the courts/police.

Take care of your damn kids.

Shadow of The Bird
He goes to jail.

i do not know all the particular but my friend didn't pay his--even though he was disabled and having alot of problems and they won't let him get his drivers liscense now!!!!!
also the child might suffer especially if mom doesnt make enough money. the emotional part has gotr to be hard on the kid too.

You take him to court. If he hasnt pay you, all the money he has refused to pay will be taken away from him one way or another. Hope everything comes out good.

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