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What is the chance of a married man leaving his wife?
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What is the chance of a married man leaving his wife?

What's more likely - a married man having an affair and leaving his wife or staying with her and continue having the affair?


Stephanie A
Let me put it this way. I have dated married men. I am not proud of it-However, in my younger, single years I was quite naive and believed what certain men told me. 25 years ago, TWO men in particular told me that they wanted to leave their wives. Do you think they have? No, of course not. Fortunately, I realized long ago that I am worth more than that and am now married to someone who would never do that to me. But sweetie, it is more likely that the man continue the affair and remain with his wife. Oh and by the way, I spoke to one of the men last year-guess what? He is still married to the same woman, but has been having an affair with another woman for the past 6 years! Unbelievable. Please find your self-respect once again and move away from this man. Best to you.

They say they want to leave but there is always some reason why they can't.

Wife is sick.
Kids won't cope well.
The dog has a chronic condition.
He's waiting for her to get a job, get her car paid off, get her student loans paid off, get a clue and kick him out.

Blah blah blah.

He won't leave her. The other woman will always share him.

Amy L
I think having his cake and eating it too. I think a man is more likely to stay with the spouse especially if there are children involved.

The Mrs.
sad but the second one

Joan the Plumber
staying-many women have low self-esteem and would stay with a man that cheated on them - the man doesn't want to go to the trouble of a divorce and child custody and all that, and why should he have to if his wife is a doormat or doesn't care - case in point - Hillary Clinton

I think I've moved on??!
According to everything I have read, they rarely leave their wives. There is a statistic of I think 10-20%. And only like 3% that actually stay with the person they cheated with for over 1-2 years...

Good thing in a small package
I think, thru experience, it's better if he leaves. He
can't have it all. There is no fool,like an old fool.

HA HA HA....

The man will be sneaky and do it until he gets caught!!

IF his WIFE finds out....She may be smart and leave...BUT, usually if they have kids..He will want to work it out with his wife!!!

And then THEY DO...or anyway...THEY TRY!!!

The wife will believe that he WON"T do it again...BUT HE WILL!!!

Been through it all and seen WAYYYYYY to many couples go through it!!!

If you are the mistress....MOVE ON!!!!
He ain't worth it!! AND HE WON"T LEAVE...He will keep on having excuses why he CAN'T and prolong it!!

Good Luck and you can find BETTER!!

If he's having a affair and still with her
that means that there's something keeping him there..
hes more likely to continue having the affair
the problem isn't that big, that's why he hasn't left yet.

men rarely leave the spouse. high-end men that is.. division as assets, alimony, child support etc...

i'm pretty sure that he just might
stay with her and keep on having an affair
especially if they have a kid

statistically? staying with the wife and continuing the affair

Savoir Faire½ Eggroll Jenkins ™
Staying with the wife and continuing the affair.

second one

staying with the wife and cont. the affair. i mean if it is working for him then why would he leave!

Shawn W.
statistics say that there is a 38% chance

More likely is a man cheating. He only leave if the other woman is reallllly hot to trot and/or wife s mega psycho. Once married, if no nuptials, it cost to much to leave, especially if there are kids involved, makes it hard to....yet having kids often stresses couple, so is double edged sword

If he is comfortable, there is very little chance that he will leave her. But if she suspects he is having an affair and making his life miserable, then he may leave. Also whether or not they have children is a factor and if he is in love with the mistress.

The second is more likely. Think of it this way, if the mistress demands that he choose, which one do you think he is likely to pick? But a lot of mistress's don't make that demand.

ivana humpalot
if he started the affair without getting a divorce first its because he wants his cake and eat it too...

rock star mommy
i think he's more likely to stay with her and continue with the affair.

because men are pigs and they do that.


All Of The Good Names Were Taken
statistics show that men will continue the affair, and if they do leave their wife for the person they were having the affair with; almost all of these relationships fail


Staying with his wife and continuing on the affair..
It's worked so far, so why stop when he could continue to have both women and his reputation intact.

Zip. Nada. Zilch. No, not really, but odds are so low, I'd sooner tell you to liquidate ALL your assets and spend every penny you have on the state lottery.

I would say it is more likely for the guy to stay with his wife and work things out and continue having the affair. Because what if the other girl doesnt work out?

depends on how much guilt he is feeling, and how many demands the other woman is making on him.some men will leave their wives rather than be caught and confronted or if the other woman is threatening to leave them.

Ms. L
A married man staying with his wife and continuing the affair. Married men RARELY leave their wives.

Lovely lady
Continuing to have the affair would be the logical answer because he is having his cake and eating it too. sad but true.

The most likely thing is not listed here . . . here is the most likely outcome - he stays with the wife and leaves the mistress behind.

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