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What should I do now? My wife just took my car to spend the night with another man.?
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What should I do now? My wife just took my car to spend the night with another man.?

She said she doesn't mean to hurt me but he's depressed because he hasn't been with a woman in a long time... I'm 22 we've been married with no troubles for 4 years. WTF am I supposed to do? and WTF is she thinking?


A pimp slap and divorce papers come to mind.

Pack up her things and put them on the front porch - have the locks changed. Actions have consequences.
Don't allow her to walk all over you and she won't

She's taking the pi ss out of you. She's no good. Get a better companion, a real woman would not do that to her husband, especially when things are going good.

Get a good lawyer and find out what your options are.

invite a woman over

I would be calling a good attorney in the morning and filing for divorce.

mutual introspection is needed

She is thinking, this gullible young man I married is going to let me do anything at all that I want.

How old is your wife? 16? Talk about a drama queen. SO what he hasn't been with a woman for a long time. Your wife isn't a woman he can be with now........................................

I wouldn't be there when she gets back. I'd have my stuff packed and be ready to go. She's going to allow another man to be more important than her marriage, dude. That tells you all you need to know about her.

I would suggest that you realize that at 22 you are both young. Maybe she feels the need to explore........ but it really doesn't matter. She made a vow to you and now she's breaking it.

..wow....it looks that she doesn't you..or maybe you also have cheated on her?what she did is outrageous and a sin in the eyes of God...it is a nightmare such a marriage...and cannot be called marriage...you better divorce and look for a girl who really loves you...i spent 12 years thinking whateber my husband does...he loves me..and i have to divorce at 35..and one day you will no longer be young...and do the things lovers do...and be in love...it is not good that a woman enjoys being with other man..or looks to other man..or does what your wife does...you better go to church and find there a better girl who would never do such a thing..those who go to church are moreresponsible and know the way that must behave to the other men...

Simple, you also go out for long drive with your girl friend, if you have any, else hire one & proudly inform your wife about it.

Next time ask u r wife to find a woman to console a man who was in depression owing to the fact of his wife going to console a man who was in depression because he hasn't been with a woman for a long time. If i were u, I wouldn't allow any filthy thing to be in my house.

go get new locks
put her stuff on the lawn , hell all over the lawn.
Tell her to go to her lonely woman less friend and that you don't have time for her stupid thoughtless infidelity games.
You deserve some one that respects and looks out for you, not drops her underwear for a guy because he hasn't had a woman in years.
If what you say is true , boy you deserve better than that .

Id sit down with sharp scissors and cut the crutch out of every pair of her pants panties and shorts slice every dress and skirt . from top to bottom after all you have some time to kill before her return. why not be productive.

She must think she is the social worker of the world. I wonder how depressed she will be when she hasn't been with you for a long time.

You got married waaaayyyy too young!

All I can say is....you can either walk somewhere since you don't have a car or you could call in a pizza to be delivered and get drunk! Then call your lawyer tomorrow and drag her name through the mud and divorce her!

Just a guy
Send her to meeeeeeee when she is done with him.....

When she comes home, meet her at the front door with her belongings, and tell her to drive these straight back to where she spent the night. She wanted another man, so let him have her!!!

hope i can be ur wifes friend....

kick her off...

Puncture the tyres.

leave her...how the hell could she go be with another man in your car? thats disrespectful honey

Yvonne B
wait till she brings your car back pack up and keep on driving. that is the craziest excuse i've ever heard. whats next she gonna invite him for dinner then screw him in your bed while your doing the dinner dishes. leave and do not look back. she may lack self respect but you don't have to. no saving that marriage. cruel that was a vicious attack and a direct insult to the institution of her marriage vows. find someone who knows what love really is and not afraid to love and be loved (unconditionally)

poodle mom
report the car stolen, and dump her ***

chaminda l
Find another woman who is loyal....

it sounds to me that there is trouble that you don't see. both of you should seek out help from a marriage counselor and have separate counciling sessions and one together. if she doesn't want to go-then your marriage will end up falling apart slowly and very painfully if it isn't over with now. it takes both of you to make a marriage work and only one of you to make it end. goodluck!!!!

omg..she just cheated on you.in your face..thats crazy.....i can not believe that..you need to leave her....

Why did you let her use your car? If she is going to cheat, she would have had to take her own transportation! You need to find someone who respects you. I wish you the best of luck.

beat his A$$.... or call the cops cuz she is having a affair!

Jeremy E
Stay calm. Ask your self if you want to stay together. If so, try to pay her more attention and make it clear that you really want to stay together. As to what she's thinking, I'd say this is just a fling and she has been flattered by his interest in her. Most flings get boring after the intial lust has worn off, and hopefully she'll later appreciate your commitment.

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