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What should I do now about my girlfriend after she turned down a marriage proposal?
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What should I do now about my girlfriend after she turned down a marriage proposal?

I proposed she get married to someone else and she refused to do it. Now I am stuck with her, what do I do?


Marianne not Gingerâ„¢
You're in luck. I happen to have a great connection with a philipino mail order bride corporation...... I think I have the solution to your problem. :)

You are never stuck with anybody. The only way you stay stuck is if you stick yourself. So if you want to be married someday in the foreseeable future and she's not up for the plan I think your path is clear.......move on. But be sure to part as friends, at least if she'll agree to.....

Marry someone else - Problem solved!

Move on, if you dont love her quit wasting her time.

Break up with her, if you DON'T LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why ,,how are you stuck with her. If you don't want to be with her break it off.

Kimberley E
Gee....for some reason, she thinks you must be a catch.

go out for fishing.....

reason with her if she doesnt have a really good reason just leave her n move on she doesnt deserve you...

The pink panther
She's kind of like the Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts. She gets cold feet when she thinks about committment. do you still love her, even though she was going to marry someone else? Be careful, she doens't know what she wants right know. Give her some time before you get back with her, if you do.

ditch the *****. problem solved

If you don't want her tell her to take a hike.

Pack up & leave!

why are you stuck with her? can't you walk away and say goodbye?

I guess she showed you huh?

roberto m
well u don't need to be stuck to her, what u need to do is to move on try to find somebody else, because u don't want to look inside her head to find out the reason of why she turned you down could be many things but u don't need to find out because when girl loves a man she almost never say no to a marriage proposal.
in this times is difficult to find a man who wants to get married and have all kind of responsibilities find somebody else.

Sounds like she needs to leave you!

is this a joke?

Your question if you would have read it doesn't make sence. Are you stuck with Engagement ring? If so, sell it on Ebay

anup k
Perhaps you need not requre to do anything,what needs, -she will do in duecouerse.

Get rid of your confusion. Rewrite your question first.

linda r
say what ?

I agree with Stew we are never stuck with anyone. The question you have to ask yourself is do you love her enough to be with her for the rest of your life ? Marriage should not be treated as well, if it doesn't work there is always divorce. Start with some looking inside yourself and figuring out what you want for your future. Concentrate on yourself and what you feel is best for you. You deserve to be happy and saying your "stuck with her" doesn't sound like you are very happy.

I am glad I am not in your family.

Lord have mercy.

You asked her to marry someone else? And now your stuck with her? Get a divorce if you dont wanna be with her.

Carolyn C
Dump her, maybe hire her an escort!

i donno. why propose she marry someone else?

kick her to the curb

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