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When I married my wife, she was skinny and beautiful. She has put on 100 lbs and is nothing but a fatty now.?
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When I married my wife, she was skinny and beautiful. She has put on 100 lbs and is nothing but a fatty now.?

What can I do to get her to be skinny again. I can't even stand to look at her much less sleep with her.


I consider it a breach of contract. If you enter into the contract with a thin chick and she gets fat she is failing in part of her obligations. You can't make her loose weight but you can tell her ***She is no longer the woman you married*** and that is reason enough to leave.

you married for better or for worse get over it you should love her no matter what

"NOTHING BUT A FATTY NOW," well aren't you a loving husband... Have you considered that you are the problem!!! A lot of women gain weight as they age or after getting married. What type of pressure have you put on her? How much stress do you put on her? Are you ever nice to her? Are you kind and loving like you were before she gained weight? Did she have a baby and is having problems losing the baby-weight? What about medical issues? Is she experiencing thyroid problems?

D*mn man, she could have some serious issues right now. Weight isn't always about food. Sometimes it's about stress or medical issues. You being ugly about her being 100 lbs heavier isn't going to make the weight fall off and she certainly won't get motivated to lose weight just because you've called her a "fatty."

Did you marry her just for her body or was there something else about her that drew you to her? YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS SOUL SEARCHING TO DO HERE. If you love her then help her find an answer to the problem. Be supportive-- not hurtful.

Emily B
Don't be so shallow. She's the same woman you married, there's just more of her now.

See there is this little clause in wedding vows that say..

For Better or Worse..

Right now your at the worse part. Love her regardless and try to get her to lose weight. Maybe get her to the doctors could be an underlying health problem causing her to gain weight or did she just have a baby? Maybe its stress because you are not finding her attractive and she is putting on more and more weight.

Support her and help her is probably the best way to help her lose weight.

I know a quick way she can lose alot of ugly weight. She can start by getting rid of you has a husband.

Bite Me!
Are you still attractive to her? Have you stayed the same? You should help her lose the weight and be supportive. 100 lbs is alot of weight, true. But don't insult her or put her down. If you really loved her, you would know better.

I wonder why she went from skinny and beautiful to her current state? she didn't put it on over night. why didn't you talk to her before? perhaps, your the reason?

fine time to realize you only married for vanity, where is the love? like any marriages you have to take the bitter with the sweet it is not alway's honey and roses. what if the tables where turn and you were the one that gained 100 pound's? and have you ever considered that you could be the cause of her weight gain? think about it. what are you doing to make her gain weight??

Hannah Leigh
wow you are a sad, sad, sad "man"

I didn't know you could marry bodies.. I thought you married people..huh?

She put on weight because she has a selfish and shallow husband.

Megan R
You took vows to love her "for better or worse!" How shallow and selfish you must be!

why don't you do stuff together go out for walks and jog. plus you are what you eat so help make good food choices

for better or worse. richer or poorer. what do you look like? ask her to go for daily walks with you. encourage her for her health, the example she is setting for your kids (if you have any) and the ability to buy clothes, etc (logical unemotional reasons) why she should make an effort to be more active. don't worry about or talk directly about the weight. STAY AWAY FROM ALL DIETS. just make a permanent change to the way you eat.

it shouldn't matter what she looks like, you should love her for her not love her for her what she looks like...give her a little while she'll get tired of being fat and she lose it

Wow!!! I am so glad your not my hubby. There can be so many reasons for her having gained weight. Is she unhappy? Have you gained any wieght? Instead of being so shallow and mean try finding out why she has gained weight (and guess what it can be a viscious cycle of depression leads to eating leads to deeper depression leads to eating---thats how some us work and she could need to see someone) or she could need to have a physical......
Try being decent and doing something nice for her, even something as simple as giving her a day off from being wife/mom whatever.....Then try approaching it from the aspect of your my wife and I love you (if you do )I am worried about you and your health what can I do and if she is willing to go to the doc GO WITH HER!!!! SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck to her

u r 2 cute
You need to speak to her about her weight and not in a condescending way. Encourage her that for health reasons, she needs to lose weight and be willing to help her out. Both of you should join a gym and work out together. Let her know that you still love her but the extra 100lbs is not healthy.

if that is your line of thinking she must be unhappy with you and the marriage to have put on all that weight!!!
I bet you once she leaves you she will lose it all coz then she will be happy.
Seen it happen before.

Monty L
If your wife has put on a 100 lbs. there may be some serious health issues. Get her to see a doctor.

How shallow can a person be. You should be more worried about "HER" health than your selfishness. Honestly, you don't deserve to have anyone to care about you. I bet you are ugly and like a lot of people here have said...she can loose weight.

Tell her about how you feel, truthfully. A year ago, I was 252 lbs (5'10) and I've lost 96 lbs, so it's possible, and since she's your wife, she should repect what you want. Also let her know that since she's gained weight, that you're concerned with her health also because she could get high blood pressure, stroke, and other sorts of things because of her weight. Just let her know!! Good luck with everything!

Megan Z
You should have never gotten married if you weren't going to love her no matter what! If it really bothers you though, talk to her about it!

If you love her then it shouldn't matter what she looks like. If you only married her for her looks, then you are incredibly shallow and deserve to be miserable. If she wants to lose weight, then support her however you can, encourage her and help her with exercise, or even one of those programs like weight watchers. If she doesn't, then you should get off her case. Most women gain some weight when they settle in a stable relationship and again when they start having children. It's a proven fact. You yourself will start to change with age. Is she supposed to stop loving you because you've gotten fatter, or started going gray, or bald? Should she leave you, or stop sleeping with you if that happens? Wouldn't you think that would be incredibly selfish and shallow of her? When you love someone you love all things about them. Would you stop wanting her if she got wrinkles or gray hair, trust me it will happen. The only sure thing in life is that beauty fades. It will happen to you as well. If you really feel this way, I hope you spend your life alone.

i just love questions like this! brings out all the fatties and their politically correct hypocritical friends!

Erica, AKA Stretch
Many women put on weight when they get married, especially after having children. You never mentioned how old she is or how much she weighed before. You didn't indicate how long you've been married and if she had any pregnancies. Women's metabolisms slow down after giving birth many times.

Sometimes women gain weight for various of reasons after marriage. Sometimes a woman feels like their lives have changed to the point where they are not in control of their own lives and they become depressed. Sometimes a woman may feel like since she has the man she loves, she doesn't have to worry about her appearance as often. It could be a medical reason as well.

I'd be depressed if my husband felt the same way you do towards her. Try encouraging her and be supportive. Find out what the reason is and be loving towards her. She is the same woman you married.

Why don't people honor marriage vows anymore? For better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer....People give up on marriage too quickly in my opinion these days. I suggest marriage counseling. I feel there is more to your issues than weight gain.


Come on dude you don’t live in a vacuum. This is the “for better or worse part” now is the time to invest yourself in helping her.

2 issues here, Medical and Mental

If she’s had a baby, carrying a baby can really screw with the wife’s hormones, etc. Post child birth her body’s changed through zero fault of her own! Some women do, some don’t,, purely genetic which she has little control over.

If you haven’t been a good husband (whatever the reasons) she may be depressed and compensates with food. She may have other depression issues and compensates with food. OR,,, strangely she may be very happy and therefore eats A LOT because she is happy. (she may have been raised to equate happiness with food. yah, some screwed parents actually teach their kids that ignorant notion!!)

Regardless the “reasons” first, Sit down have a honest frank meaningful effective communication with her. Explain you are concerned for her: physically and mentally. Encourage a Dr. appointment asap for a complete exam/checkup!! Ask her if she is unhappy/depressed over anything. Don’t be shocked, belittle, etc.. what her answers may be. Trip to a counselor may do her a world of GOOD. Look at her other family members, especially the women.. all about the same? Then genetics could be playing a role in your wife’s weight gain.

Regardless find out, rule out possible causes. THEN YOU WILL help her with loosing the weight. THIS IS A “WE” challenge,, not a “my wife’s fat problem”!!! SHE AND YOU: adopt a healthy diet, start physically working out, encourage her every step of the way! Set goals and when that goal is met DO SOMETHING NICE FOR HER!!

Time to think with “BIG” head, not “little” head. You and she are a TEAM, a team is no stronger than it’s weakest link, SO GET off the Couch get your mind in this “game” and help your teammate. DO NOT BE NEGATIVE in word deed or thought !!!!

You nor your wife is going to stay the same throughout life. Marriage is about growing WITH someone, even if they're physically changing. I bet you're fat or ugly too. It's always pot calling when it comes to questions like this.

Brown Eyed Girl
For better or for worse. She is still the same woman you married.

I think you should have her go to a doctor. I wouldn't worry so much about how she looks, but more about how this may affect her health. If she knows that her extra weight can cause her body harm and she hears it from a good source, she may lose the weight on her own. If that doesn't sound good, you may want to see what caused her to gain the weight. People don't gain nearly 100 lbs without there being something wrong or something that happened. I think the big thing is not for her to be skinny but for her to be healthy.

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