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When a man calls you everyday.......................?
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When a man calls you everyday.......................?

when a man that you are seeing calls you everyday,does it mean that he is really into you?


Only time will tell. He may be just trying to create the impression that he's really into you by calling every day. Think about what you conversations are about. If they center on him, what happened to him each day and how he feels, he calls for you to feed his ego. If he wants to know how your day was and what you think and how you feel, he is trying to get to know you.

Oh yeah.

Girl, all I know is that if i call a man everyday, I really like him! The only sad thing... is that there is this one guy who doesn't like me back. But I am okay with it. It's life. I live and learn.

I wouldn't read to much into it. I had a guy who used to call me everyday but never wanted to hang out. So calling could be a good sign but might not be. Ask him to hang out and see if he wants to. If you two hang out then it's most likely a good sign. Another thing is, make sure you go out. If he just invites you to him house he's probably looking for a booty call.

I text my girlfriend everyday, But if I had more minutes, I'd call everyday instead. It's natural, He loves you.

He's into you but spending time with you is better.

No name
he likes you.

maybe he has loads of free minutes that he has to use up.

Kaeleigh Brown
probably ?

yep he cares for you and wants to know how you are

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