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When is it ok to cheat on your husband?
Find answers to your legal question.

When is it ok to cheat on your husband?

why do married women always feel lonely?


cheating is never acceptable, and the loneliness comes from within yourself it has nothing to do with your husband. cheating is wrong it hurts people, if u no longer love him u need to divorce him before u start up with a new man. i am married and i'm not lonely, u just have to find an interest, and not expect a man to constantly be there because everyone has his own life, separate for the other.

I guess you didn't get the memo. Never! If you aren't happy then get out of the marriage and then move on with someone new.

Just Surfin
It's not.

And I dunno what married women you've been talking to, but I know several (including myself) who don't feel lonely at all.

1. never
2. Not all do...


its never ok for me to cheat on my husband.. but if you feel you need to cheat on yours i cant stop you.. and some married women feel lonely bc their husbands work alot.. and not home as much as they feel they need to be or should be..
why get married if your not going to be faithful in your marriage.. ?

When is it OK to cheat or lie about anything?
If you feel lonely, ask yourself why or at least share wwhy you feel lonely.
I do not think you will get 'permission' or blessing from anyone here. Share more and you will get better answers.
Bare your poor lonely soul to us and we will give you free advice.
Choose to read and learn or head down the path that leads to nowhere. All you got to do is read a few questions and find how much it hurts when a spouse or partner cheats and they find out.
Share and learn.

Brian J
you should not cheat...remember your married and commmitted to him. im going to guess he spends more time with friends then you?

email me if u ever want to chat...i also have yahoo messenger

Cheating is never ok!

It is never a good idea to cheat on your husband or wife. And married women are not lonely as least those in happy marriages. Takes a lot of work to make a good marriage but the rewards are great and besides - no one can beat my husband in that department! He knows me inside and out and me him!

Scouting 4 girls
When you're cheating on him with me!

its never okay.

ctrl, alt,..del
Where you are mature enough to be very discreet and still take care of your family's needs first. You also have to be wise enough to understand that you are putting your family in jepordy and assume that the worse will happen if the sh*t hits the fan and be OK with that...

Soon 2 Be Mrs. Pumpernickle
simply put: NEVER

There are many reasons married women always feel lonely, but that is never an excuse to screw around. It is however an excuse to learn to communicate with her husband.

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