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Where do I go online for free to see if I'm still married?
Find answers to your legal question.

Where do I go online for free to see if I'm still married?

We were in Arkansas then he decided to file a divorce on me. I moved to Indiana. He stayed in Arkansas. I haven't heard or seen any papers from him. I moved to Indiana because, he left me alone with hiss's mother who I couldn't get along with and for my two boys.Not only that I had no family there. It has been almost a year now. Really need to know, because I think I'm ready to move on now.


If I never saw the papers I'd highly doubt he really filed. Although, I hired a scam artist through an ad who wasn't really an attorney... I have never seen my divorce decree from him. Had to view it down at the court house. County Clerk's usually handle this. Where he filed the divorce. If he left you to appease his mother, I'd counter file on him. My soon to be ex did that to me (mama's boy through and through) and best thing I ever did was filing the papers on him!

♥The Mrs.♥
If you have not signed papers, you are still married.

If you haven't signed any legal documents, your not divorced. You'd know if you were.

Talk to a lwayer and file your own divorce papers, that way you know for sure. Why leave it up to him if you're ready to move on? Do it yourself!

I think if you gave a damn you would know.

lonely and sad
You could call the city hall of where the divorce happened. I am not certain if you can view it online. There may be a small fee at the city hall, but it might be free if you just want to view it. If you know the lawyer who handled the divorce you could call them too.

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