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Who would ever marry a women with 3 kids??!!?
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Who would ever marry a women with 3 kids??!!?

One thing about divorce that scares me to craziness is that I don't want to be alone the rest of my life. I have three kids and I don't see anyone ever being ok with dating a women with so many obligations. :( I fee like I am attractive (110lbs, super long hair, nice personality, active in outdoor stuff, etc) but that doesn't seem to help me feel any better. Do men really care all that much????
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Thank you all so very very much for your answers. I had tears welling up in my eyes....thank you. I'm not divorced yet but it is likely it will happen. I am so afraid. But this does help....it's such a lonely process I think.


Some would and some wouldn't.
The right man for you would be honoured to marry you and your 3 kids.

Don't be putting yourself down. There is only one you in the whole wide world and you have 3 children. It is a package deal.

Unless you 3 are impossible terrors and then I would suggest taking a parenting class to get them under control.

Be yourself and let him find you. The best is yet to come.

God Bless You, ;-)

i married 12 years ago with 3 children if the man really loves you then he'll love your children too, at least really try to!good luck

If a man really loves you, he wont' care that you have three children, he'll still love you and want to be with you, children or not.

kaala w
well you sound like a really nice person let the divorce wait till bout 6 months to get back in to another realtionship but most of all be funny flirtacious outgoing and keep him laughing and happy but dont forget abbout you r kids and always follow your heart

yes we do some of us like kids and as for you get over it the man if he loves you it don't matter about the kids as long as he loves them to your life is not over at some point you will find one it takes time to find some one maybe it's you that is still in shock over your loss look ahead not back or you feel sorry for your self wake up you seem to be good looking so go for it good luck to you and the kids

I have a friend who married a lady with 5 kids...he loves her and loves her kids

hello,to answer you question yes there is men out there that would remarry a woman w/ kids.i am a single mom of 4 teens.but personally i am not out husband shopping i think its important to put the kids first.relax and enjoy life and when the time comes you will be blessed w/ another husband.good luck!


There are many men out there that are looking for love just like anyone else. Your kids won't be kids forever-in the blink of an eye they are out on their own. You should drop the attitude that you don't deserve anyone decent because you are a mom!

The RIGHT man will love you and your kids. They are out there. For god's sake do NOT stay with your husband just because you're afraid you'll never find someone else. That is insane.

no name
My sister had 3 kids and she got married to a guy who has taken her kids in like they are his own. The good guys are out there, you just have to find them.

My mom just remarried. She had been divorced five years, and dating her now husband the last four. I am the oldest of four. Granted...I am 27, my brothers are 22,20, and 9, yep...9. I and two oldest boys are out of the house, but she still has the younest, obviously, but that didn't matter. He has 4 kids of his own the youngest being 18. He is wonderful.

Be patient!! How long have you been divorced? There are lots of men out there who love kids and wouldn't hesitate a moment to date a mom. They are a little hard to come by, but they are out there. Just a little word of advice. Don't bring every guy home to meet your kids right away. Don't be afraid to tell him you have kids. He needs to know, if that scares him you will know right away. But you need to get to know a guy a little before he meets your kids. It's better to wait a while than to put your kids through something bad.

I don't think you will have a hard time finding someone else, you just have to be a little patient. But when you find him, it will be the greatest thing ever!!

Good Luck!!

Well when I met my now husband of 17 years my children were 3 and 5 years old, he did not have any children and I could not have any more children. I was up front with him about this as soon as I saw that things were getting serious and I gave him the time he needed to decide what he wanted to do.

Like I said that was 17 years ago and not only did he help me raise my children but 4 years ago we took in 2 more children that needed a home and we are raising them. A child does not have to be your flesh and blood to love and care for them and there are lots of good men out there. I know a lot of men that are raising children that are not biologically theirs.

I hope this helps, good luck and stay strong.

there is lots of men that would love to date women with kids dont give up on your self

if you are what you say you are, man I'd try to get you if u had 5 kids. just dont tell him that you have 3 kids on the first date then tell them on the 2ed date and if they dont like it just try to seduce him and he'll like that trust me.

My husband did, I had 3 children and he not only loves me but he loves my kids, whom he is in the process of adopting. If any man cares about and loves a women unconditionally then he will love her kids and understand that she is a packaged deal. Good luck to you.

seriously a lot of guys do care....i dunno y...i don't care if a girl has kids or not....i luv kids lol but not everyone is the same. there are plenty of great guys out there though that wont mind so dont worry too much.

Timberhawk Man
I love kids and would not have a problem dating you. By the way I love your perfume. LOL

me =]
i'm sure you'll be able to find happiness. it's just a matter of time. Godwilling you'll be able to do anything. If he loves you the obligation shouldn't matter & he should like your kids, rather than see them as an obligation. So i wouldn't worry.

River Runs
if you are hot - no problem

A good amount of men marry women with children. They feel that they don't need to go through the hole pregnancy phase. Some of them can't have children or don't want children so you are in luck.

My husband who is a wonderful man married a woman with three children, their marriage did not work out but he still married her. You will find someone!

Wyld Stallyns
I think it depends on the man's situation. If he already has kids, then it's not a huge new deal to take on. He might want a child with you, but then it's up to you to decide if you want anymore children. However, with a man who has no children and want them, he may want to sire his own instead of merely "playing" dad ("You're not my Father") and then it's much more important that you are willing and capable of bearing children.

I think I'm a decent guy, with my quirks, but I would not marry someone who would not or could not have children by me, especially if they already have several. Maybe that sounds selfish... but maybe polyamory is a solution, I don't know.

Divorce is so scary but it happens every day & you will find another person to share life with.There are men out there that loves kids

Jack J
It wouldnt worry me. I have 2 of my own full time, would that make a difference. The only trouble I have found is that it can lead to a difficult relationship if things arent fully resolved from previous relationships. The hardest part is working a relationship or dating around your obligations. But if the guy is right for you then it wouldnt be to hard a task.

The only thing I would suggest is to take your time and make sure that he is right for you.

i have the same worries that you do. i too have three kids and wonder if ill ever find someone who excepts me as well as my kids. just be strong and you'll find someone.

mother of 4
Kids always come first, and let me tell you that YES there are men out there that do not mind dating someone that has children, and if they do mind, then you know that is not the person you should be with. Keep your head up and it will happen. Do not ever think that you will be alone your whole life, there is hope!

think of your kids as filters. they will filter out the men from the boys. i'm pretty sure you want men. a man will go great lenghts to love a woman.

The right man is the best answer. I remarried and I had two children (we have one together now). I would rather be alone than be in a unhappy marriage.

Some men do honey. They always say there is someone for everyone and when we are least expecting it to happen, that's when it does. Be patient. You'll meet your prince charming when the time is right and he's going to be great, love kids and embrace the responsibility that goes along with them.

Don't worry about what you don't think you will find, it will be harder, but there are decent guys out there, you just have to be someone they would want, if you find someone that is going to be in it for the long haul, he will be completely fine with the fact that you have three children, he should know the responsibility of it and not have any major concerns. My girlfriend has three kids and I have a daughter, we are planning on getting married next year, my concern when we started dating wasn't the fact that she had three kids, it was how she raised them and how they acted, now I'm excited about it because she is a great mother, so just take care of what's important, be yourself, and it will work out for you, don't settle.

Don't worry about what you don't think you will find, it will be harder, but there are decent guys out there, you just have to be someone they would want, if you find someone that is going to be in it for the long haul, he will be completely fine with the fact that you have three children, he should know the responsibility of it and not have any major concerns. My girlfriend has three kids and I have a daughter, we are planning on getting married next year, my concern when we started dating wasn't the fact that she had three kids, it was how she raised them and how they acted, now I'm excited about it because she is a great mother, so just take care of what's important, be yourself, and it will work out for you, don't settle.

hey my ex wife has 3 children an they are ok but really i only wanted her for her noone else so sorry cnt help

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