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Why do married women get mad when husbands have casual friends online?
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Why do married women get mad when husbands have casual friends online?

why do wives get mad at their husbands for having casual online friends or likes to meet people just to learn about them


I don't know why some women or men are like this...

Personally, I dont have a problem with him talking to anyone, online, at the store, club....in front of my face or not. I know he loves me and he doesn't keep who he talks to a secret....

As long as you communicate and both agree to what it going on, then there shouldn't be any problems.

Because it is potential for cheating

Stacey-Marie J
I don't get mad so long as that person knows my husband is married with a child and respects that fact.

cos they think we only really interested in one thing. frankly, i think they are right most of the time!

well y r husbands angry wen its vice versa?

women can have men friends and keep that as that
while men cant have women mates without wanting to shag them

Engage Me
When you get too close to someone online, there is potential for hooking up offline and cheating. AND online/emotional affairs are the same as being unfaithful. As a rule, married people should not really have friends, separate from the marriage. All or at least most friendships, should be friends of the husband AND wife. And I hate to say this, but a lot of people who frequent chat rooms, supposedly "friendship" sites or dating sites etc.. and have a tendency to meet lots of people online, usually have a hidden agenda..if you know what I mean. So, while YOU may have the best intentions, you have to think about that other person and what their own agendas are..

welllll,i do because my hubby gets mad if i have a male friend, and he also believes that a man and a woman can not just be friends, that there is attraction involved on one's part. and i believe that too!

because it crosses a line.
making contact, then lying about being married, establishing a casual relationship on-line with women is not exactly remaining faithful is it?
common sense would tell you
you could hurt your wifes feelings over these on-line "friends".

& from a personal point of view
& being a woman,
I WOULDN'T like it.

They are afraid it might lead to something else. It would definitely depend on how frequent the husband is communicating to this friend.

Well, the answer to that is very simple...are you listening? All relationships begin with conversation. Conversation leads to deeper inquiry. Interest is sparked...then before you know it you have made a connection with another human being. A wife has an investment in their mate...Baby, if you want to talk to someone talk to me...you want to talk to someone who loves you, fixes your meals...hugs you in the dark of the night when you need someone...get real ...call out to the one who loves you...let's talk.....

There are so many people around y'all that you can make casual friends together. Why else would you want to meet/talk to women online? If it's affecting you're relationship then it's not worth it...

j t
Because casual friends sometimes lead to something else.

I am suffering badly now and I guess if men think they have their cake and also eat it ... why marry!!!!

Or maybe I should say ... faithfulness is not important for such men. In such case, their wives are not enough for them should look for women like them who also look for casual online friends.

I get mad when my husband comes home eats,gets in front of the computer,playing games.I can't even guess how mad I would be if he was talking to other we man.Marriages or breaking up because of casual friends meeting on line.Its the new way of picking up girls.

i have male friends online, and my boyfriend dont mind, as long as i dont meet up with them, and give out my number, he is happy.

becuase your wives only want to be the center of your universe. they want you to learn all there is to know about them. not turn to other women to learn their needs and wants. wether you are looking to "Just learn about them" and play around on the net, women are very jeaolus creatures. you shouldnt have married one unless u wanted that.

The question is-Do your online friends know you're married-or do you keep that quiet? That's what makes the difference. I'd have no problem with my man having casual online friends,and even meeting up-as long as he was honest to them that he was involved in a relationship,and honest to me that there was nothing untoward but a casual friendship going on.

Because we can't trust you blithers

Ah! duh!! let say that it's only an innocent casual friendship that you have, then it will go on and on till the two of you start talking about inner deep conversation. From there you will find yourself flirting with this girl,and here comes the big words "emotionally involve" but just friend. You will start having this feelings,start missing her because the two of you can talk about anything. You will start hiding things to your wife. If this is not enough for you to see what will happen,then tell us why we are not comfortable when men esp. married start chatting on line....

Such a loaded question! Because those online contacts very often grow into emotional ties, and those lead to straying and affairs where everyone gets hurt. Not saying this is always the case, it is just often the case.

How would you feel if your wife wanted to meet men she met online? Its just kinda disrespectful. In marriage you have to come to an agreement on every thing. If it is truly just a friend you want to meet, then bring your wife with you too meet your new friend!

I think it's the fact she may think you are cheating on her. She feels upset, left out or lonely when you are online. If you just show her what you are doing next time you go online then she will have to face it that you're just talking and learning and not cheating.

luke p
OMG its soo simple...
they dont

Darlin--women are so insecure--we want our man ,ALL to our selves..She doesn't know who these women are and neither do you--don't get caught in that mess..Only talk to guys and talk more to your wife. Give her a slow easy massage and you'll get all the company you want...

Jealousy and uncertainy.

If there is someone which married women does not know, it will become fear.
That fear can lead to jealousy and more depending on the trust.

It can help if the relationship was more open to both the husband and the wife.

Because nothing is never totally innocent now is it?!
If it's so, then you should be able to involve your wife shouldn't you.
I'd say though that some behaviour would tend to suggest that some married men are not happy at home and are available whatever length of time that may be for. Wouldn't you agree?
Besides, if you're not convinced, just inverse the roles and that should give you a pretty good idea of how your wife must feel!

Cos they never stay just casual relationships- its not just a worry its a fact.

Because your marriage vows said Forsaking all others, you don't mess around with your marriage for a bit of fun with another woman, if that's what you want to do then get a divorce and let your wife find someone she can love and trust.

I read the comments up here and I'll try to be succinct to the point, but it's not possible the way I want to say this. I actually had this one friend I never got a chance to know during school times, though we once went to the same tuition class, and had other similarities - that I finally introduced myself to when I recognized who she must be from a mutual friend's list on Facebook. Well, we had about 5 or 6 back and forth messages, and exchanged some stories about life's happenings as real friends like --finally after all these years. I have no doubt she was a very faithful person,...but some of her questions sounded a bit idealized about what my thoughts or dreams were, and in recollections about a faculty dinner and dance she and a friend had once hoped to get invites to when we were in neighbouring faculties at the same university. There were some exchanges about raising kids which I had no experience in. In all it was a really pleasant correspondence. Anyway, I stopped messaging and gave a flaky excuse of upcoming work commitments soon after, because I was a bit uncomfortable, with having my personal information leaked, the concept of getting permission (of a husband) to talk to a friend, and knowing that people tend to have a one-track mind. Another friend - also very faithful, has a phone number that cannot be reached except when she sends messages of greetings during new year's and christmas and easter. All of the religious sort. I just think it's rather pathetic of societies worldwide, and plays a part in the ongoing distrust of the sexes, and the imbalances in perceived dignity of the sexes. In more practical thoughts, it seems like such an imposition to open up to a chaperone you don't know just because they happen to be married and you perhaps someday met in a cafe. I think we can agree that different things shall interest different people, but once it's a group, communication gives way to social dynamics which is more jovial and just touches the surface. Which many people do like. Hence the universal popularity of bowling allies and sports bars. Just my thoughts.

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