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Why do men do things just to piss us off?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why do men do things just to piss us off?


Well that's a loaded question? Not all men do things just to piss their partner off... it could be unintentional. There is no real answer for your question......it all depends on your situation. Do you piss men off? Maybe it's for revenge. Maybe it's for excitment. Maybe it's a sign that he's unhappy. Maybe it's for independance. Your question is to vague to answer......if it's bothering you so much you may want to seek marital councelling. Good Luck

shirley e
They do that so that they can go and do what they want to.

Carpe Diem
Huh? Wad'i do?

insecurity...although they'd never admit it. If you have one of those... he also probably does what I like to call, "playing the stupid card"! He is probably really good at making you think he doesn't get things he actually does, and that he is probably trying his best to avoid.

They have nothing else to do with their life. They can't live without us so they find ways to piss us off so that they won't feel guilty about what they are up to.

Men do things to make us mad
because if they make us mad then
that must mean we really love them??

That way we tell them to get out of here and they don't have to ask us if they can go.

well if you want the truth . Some of us just don't know how to communicate . So to get some attention we do stupid things just to aggravate . and sometimes we do it just because its fun when you forgive us. and then some of us are down right stupid

Lova L
I once had a boyfriend that did things to piss me off and would laugh when he succeded. I asked him why and he said that it shows him that I care about him..kinda a weird way to get attention in a way...

So true! I think they do it strictly for reaction and we are dumb enough to give them one. They cannot be as dumb as they try to act. No way. God wouldn't have screwed up that bad!

I wonder the same thing about women

B/C they are men and don't know any better!

i'm not sure but i've heard that "you hurt the one you love the most". i guess it's because they are so close to you that they feel like they can vent thier anger on you where they can't someone else. i know i get angry and say things to my husband that i surely wouldn't say to someone else. mayby we (and they) feel like we can get forgiveness from each other.

I don't know the background or what exactly happened. But I know guys do stupid stuff sometimes unintentionally. They can't read our minds it's up to us to tell them what we want. And what we don't like.

their butt heads they try to be like babies to see what they can get away with

they don't mean it to piss us off they meant it to be the fact that they are better than us so we should do what they tell us to.... and usually we don't so.... they piss us off LOL

Because some women looks cuter when they're pissed off.

it is not on purpose, they are just men. not as smart as us

Because we let them.

we get bored once in a while..

Cyrus J. M.
Because they can, of course, I don't. But there's this guy harassing my girlfriend Iris via email, why, BECAUSE HE CAN!

To pay you women back for gettings us mad.

Because we can. Its reciprocal.

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