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Why does my ex husband keep bring his girlfriend over?
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Why does my ex husband keep bring his girlfriend over?

I don't know if he is trying to act stupid with me or wants me to get piss off even more?? ....Me and my husband have just got a divorce 5 months ago. We do have 2 kids, who he goes to see as much as he wants.
Anyway...now my husband now has a new girl friend. He would always bring her inside my house. ...And Omg!! They just piss me the hell off! Thinking they can come to MY HOUSE and start kissing in front of me. ...I don't know why he see in her anyway?? She looks so ugly and fat! Gosh...How I hate those two!

Why is he doing this???


Your house, your rules kick his *** out the door. If that doesnt work call the law.

Tell him he is welcome, she is not! Your house, your rules

Maybe, considering you share children together, he thinks it is important for you to get to know the woman who will be involved a lot in the future of your children's lives. If they are being disrespectful, then fine, but if she is nice to you and just wanting to talk, then I dont see where the problem is.

Why are you letting them in?

Since it's your house, tell him both of them are not welcome as long as the ugly b*tch is around. If it's only him, it should be only to visit the kids. Nothing more.

It seems pretty obvious that he's trying his best to make you angry and/or jealous. Even if you are or are not, don't show it. Simply tell him (in private) that his girlfriend(s) are not welcome in your house and threaten to take his visitation rights away. She has NO business in your house, with your kids, or being with him when he visits the kids. It's between you and him, and he needs to know that it MUST be kept that way. Especially if it's only been 5 months! I'm not sure exactly what the steps would be for taking him to court over this, but you can push the fact that he's setting a bad example for your kids and he's providing them with a home that is unstable and constantly changing when he's introducing new girlfriends to them. This is not a matter to be taken lightly, and you should make him understand that. Tell him to grow up, and his jealousy games aren't working.

He was your husband, he knows how you are. He's doing this because he wants to piss you off and try to make you jealous. Don't worry about them, worry about yourself.

he has a lack of sensitivity, but its your home, he can always take the kids to their home for visitation. but to sit there in front of u and do that, its just plain disrespectful. u control what goes on in your home, just tell him he must make other arrangements when he wants visitation, that it cant be in your home.

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