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Why does my husband always think I'm cheating?
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Why does my husband always think I'm cheating?

Me and my husband are always arguing. He always accusing me of cheating on him even though i've never cheated on him. He is so worried about me talking to other guys, he thinks every guy i know is a threat. I don't know how to get these thoughts out of his head, we've been married for just a year now but he is still so jelous. In all reality I don't do anything to make him think I cheat. Why does he think like that and what can I do to make it better?


Tell him to shove his idea's about you cheating up his a-ss!

One thing I've learned is that if someone is constantly worried about you cheating it usually (not always) means they have cheated on you. They are worried that you know and are just waiting till the right time to retaliate.

There is nothing you will be able to do to make it "better". He is insecure about the relationship, and will only be content when you are locked up in a tower like a possession.

Next time he starts a fight, tell him that if he thinks your cheating all the time why doesn't he just leave? I bet you he won't. Then when he doesn't, tell him your not, and your also not going to deal with his BS.

Don't be scared to give him a piece of your mind. Good luck!

First, he is very insecure and that often causes that sort of behavior. Second, he might be a cheater or has history and does not know how to trust. Third, Is there family history of cheating (like with his parents, or maybe past girlfriends) and he has been hurt and has issue of trust. Explore these areas and maybe you'll find out the reason behind his jealousy. Then talk to him about it. Good luck.

David W
He's jealous and insecure, possibly because you're so much more socially outgoing than he is. Take a moment or two to reassure him. Hug him, kiss him on the cheek in front of others, do the "you know you're my big strong man" routine enough to calm his fears. When he lets you talk to your friends in public, come up with some suitable reward in private that will make him roar like a lion and purr like a kitten. You know what to do -- REASSURE him. Good luck.

Not to be a total let down, but my sister had this problem. The reason he may be insecure is because he is cheating. He is afraid that you will do what he is doing and find someone else. When a guy is cheating, he gets paranoid that you are too.

He is like every other man in the world. He is very insecure. and immature.

He is insecure about himself. He probably has low self esteem and so he assumes you will eventually cheat on him. Try to reasure him that you love him and want ONLY him. I think the best thing would be for you both to attend some counseling.

Laird C
Because he's scared, or insecure... He's afraid that he'll wake up one day and you won't be there.

Family counseling is the ultimate answer, but short term, you might try shoring-up his ego - do things to show him how you care, and do them fairly often.

Kyle W
He's probably always reading Y!A's marriage forum, where everyone is paranoid.

Tano A
he was wronged before.... there has to be a reason for jealousy issues and for it to be that strong. you just have to reassure him and if it doesn't work you should leave because it will only get worse

maybe he had a gf/wife in the past that did. My ex-wife did I was not very nice to my gfs after that for awhile.


It doesn't mean he's cheating. I don't know where that came from. If I was cheating on my wife (don't have one, but....), it would be rather illogical and hypocritical to worry about her cheating on me.

he has issues with trust and isn't going to change without some counseling! Trust me on this one check into it TODAY!

This guy needs professional counselling or he's going to wreck your marriage.

Projection... do you think he could be cheating on you? People get paranoid when they're doing something wrong and think someone else is doing the same thing to them.
Hopefully that's not the case. Good luck!

Either because he is really overprotective or he is cheating on you....
..But ide go with the 1st one.. listen to the new song by Tim McGraw

doug r
.its got nothing to do with u . hes very insecure. its his way of controlling u. tell him to get help for that because its abusive behaviour.

Unfortunately, the accuser is usually the guilty one. He feels gilty about what he's done and wants to feel justified for it. Or he is just trying to play head games with you so you will be easier to control due to wanting to apease him.

bust it baby
either he's really insecure, or perhaps he may be the one cheating. look into it...

Britt nailed it right, Tim Mcgraw's remake of Suspicions says it all. Your are so beautiful he is afraid of someone stealing you away.

I dont like my wife having male friends either, im sure you can say I "married up"
She knows how I feel and continues not to have any.

Brian C
He has a low self esteem of him self you need to tell him that you love him that he is your life and you are his make love to him alot and make him know that he is all that you want and you are not a cheater and you believe in your marriage vows, good luck I would also say go to family counseling

leave him,
that will give him something to fret over..

That was a huge problem my ex-husband had, his jealousy (amongst other issues). When a person is so incredibly insecure, there's nothing you can do to change them, and it's not your fault. It's horrible to live with a person like that, because you're always being accused of things you haven't even thought of ever doing.

No offense but he's probably cheating on you.

he has self esteem problems and he is a control freak. If he cannot change I would be careful to watch if it turns to anger and abuse towards you. dont stay if he tries to hit you.

lil B
probly not much you can do, ive been with my partner for 10 years and maybe in the past year he has stopped accusing me so much, we dont argue as much anymore either now.i hope all goes well for you, if your prepared to live like i have which is a very hard untrustworthy relationship then stay but otherwise luv get out now while u can.goodluck:)

That's man talk for "I'm cheating on you, so my natural reaction is to accuse you of the same". You should be asking HIM the questions, not the other way around. Guilty people always blame others! That's a fact!

It prob means that he is cheating on you and looking for a way to stop feeling guilty...

He won't feel bad about HIS indescressions if you are doing the same... Then he would feel justified...

OOO K 611
He is worried because he is cheating. All men cheat.

Stephanie P
You're not going to like this answer - I have a few questions for you. Does your husband try to tell you what you can and can't wear? Does he need to know where you are at all times? Does he need to control the finances in your home? Does he discourage you from seeing your family or the friends you had before you met him?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to start thinking about yourself.

This kind of controlling behaviour and unjustified accusations of cheating can be the beginning of an abusive relationship. If this guy has ever laid a hand on you, get out now. If he hasn't, try to talk to him about going for marriage counselling, or see if he'll consider therapy to work out his jealousy issues.

Please, don't blame yourself - you haven't done anything wrong. His jealousy may just be a sign of his insecurity about you, but he shouldn't use that to justify attacking you. A successful and happy marriage needs trust - he needs to learn to trust you or nothing will get better.

Many serious cases of domestic abuse start out just like this - please take care of yourself.

eliza l
probably because he is cheating... men usually try to turn the tables when they are cheating..they get suspicious of you because they are doing it and think you are cheating on them...

Kimberly C
The only thing I can say is that he must be doing something, not true all the time, or he is very insecure about his self. Nothing really you can do but tell him and if he don't believe you then he has some issues of his own. Just pray about it!

I feel for you, I have Ben married 8 years and the past 3 years. I have Ben accused of sleeping with my father in law I would never ever do anything like that I have never even thought bout it or had any desire to I have 2 kids by my hubby they adore their grandpa and it hurts me to know my hubby feels this way it is wrong on so many levels I have explained and talked to my hubby about this and for while he stops but then turns right around and accuses again it's killing me and our marraige I love my hubby and would. Never hurt him i wished someone could help him he's tearing me apart and again it's not true I have never even gave him a reason to think this anyone have any advice on what to do

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