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Why does my husband smack my butt?
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Why does my husband smack my butt?

Not complaining.....I actually kind of like it. I am just curious why men do it.

Guys- what is the driving force behind you smacking your gals butt? Is it an ownership thing? "That's mine!"??

Explain :D


It is because you have a cute butt. I sometimes can't help smacking or grabbing my husband's butt either. It is just cute. That's all there is too it. Try it. :)

BT_HMS is my messenger id
you have been a bad girl!

With all the violence out there. Be thankful, your smack is a
"loving one." As in: I love what you got. *~<}:-})>

Yvette D
My husband loves it because it makes him feel like its his and he could do want he wants...I don't complain because I do the same thing to him...lol

cause he likes it and cause he can

You must have a nice @ss.

Violation Valerie X
Good question my man does the same thing!

: )

Its becuase my wife has an *** like an onion it makes me cry!!! Plus its a good way to cop a feel!!!

Yes: men, please DO explain this phenomena! My guy does that all the time! But rarely in public. And he constantly grabs at my chest. He says he can't help it. I don't have a particularly BIG rack, or anything, either...

I've been slappnig my wife phat a s s for over 10 years.... cause we like thigs that giggle.... oh, and to ge that "POP" sound just right.. priceless..

Been There Done That
My husband told me that he enjoyed tapping my firm )( with his palm.....and he has a big o smile on his face.....I love it.....It makes me giggle.... :-) smiling now just because I am thinking about it.....Thanks.....I just love my husband.

How is your communication?

It is possible that he what to escalate this to more of "you've been a bad girl and I have to teach you a lesson". That can be fun, ask him if he wants to try it.

On the other hand he could just not be able to keep his hands off of you, which is also very healthy.

Either way have fun

Good luck

don't worry about y he does it worry when he doesn't do it!

Whipper Snapper!
My guess is that you probably have a pretty sweet butt and your man likes it a lot. I do the same thing to my wife, she has the sweetest rump I have ever seen, and I must smack it all the time, I just can't help myself. Glad to hear that there is a fellow rump lover out there!!

Leaves no telltale marks.

Well don't count women out because I like to do it too. It feels good, it adds flare, and above all, it intensifies the encounter for both parties (when done right).

Because we feel like it belong to us (in a good way) plus it's a love tap. It's all good. Now...if the smacking stops, you might want to investigate why.

Yes,,,,ownership thing,,,"that's mine",,,is what I say everytime I do it!

Riley&#39;s Mommy
My fiance thinks is funny when is jiggles.... he also likes to say "I'm just making sure it's still there..." I think he just wants an excuse to touch you.

Just want to get our hands on you gals as often as possible, and because we can.

Yoda out

c.Love ♥
Haha... My boyfriend does that to me alllll the time! If i get out of the car and walk away, I'll hear him running up behind me, and I can just feel it comming.. and what does he do? He smacks my butt. Lol.... I like it too :] I think it is definatly like a "thats mine" sort of gesture. I just return the favor to him somtimes.

Godless AM
I don't know, my wife actually asked long ago "why don't you smack my butt?" She likes it, so I do it.

they just want to touch it. if they grab it it would make them perverts!

gypsy g
Were you a bad little girl?

I hate the butt smack when its unexpected and in public

But when I'm the bad girl and "Daddy" does it over and over....so much fun.

Not every guy is into that. I sure wouldn't smack a woman's butt unless I knew for sure it was okay. But I've not had the inclination to do so. I suppose it's a way to show affection like punching your guy friends in the arm or something. Many guys aren't real good in the communication department so they do the best they can. I think it means he's got some affection for you.

David G
Men like it, because women like it.

They want to show their male dominant character which is actually nice in the intimacy

i feel the same way, my friend sometimes slaps my butt and i like it too

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