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Why is it easier for a guy to walk away from a relationaship, for a woman?
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Why is it easier for a guy to walk away from a relationaship, for a woman?

How is it that a some guys are able to rip your heart apart and can just walk away without it even barthering them?


I'm Loving Life
What makes you think that it doesn't bother them...

They think with their "little" heads and not their hearts.

b/c they have such a big "head" and think that they can find anyone with no problem

he already has another woman, and has had for quite some time, unknown to his wife. he may have never loved his wife in the first place, and didn't want to be there with her anyway. he may have already done his grieving, or with some men, they stuff it deep inside, deny it, and won't feel it until later on. it bothers them, only u can't see it. they see what they feel is an opportunity to get ahead, and want to escape what doesn't work for them anymore. but it will bother him later on once his wife is gone, and once he sees what the other woman is really like, but than it will be too late, and the wife will never see it. they appear to not care, because they are protecting themselves, and don't want others to see how they really feel. bur walking away from someone, effects both people eventually, even the one who originally left.

young grown man
i think this goes both ways. i think that if a man loves a woman and she leaves him, it will stay with him for a long time. when a man really loves someone he will be hurt for a long time. it is the same for women.

the thing is if the people didnt love each other or if one didnt love the other, that is when that person can rip out the other's heart and it not bother them.

It's just an act.

Its because some men dont have a heart, but ive found the ones who walk away without a care are the ones who always get hurt in the end and remember what goes around comes around

I believe the reason that they are like that is because most men, not all, think with their head, women think with their hearts. A man himself told me that.

this is why

a man does this when he is sure that there is another one waiting for him or there is some big incentive or may be he is not in his senses

i dont think being male or female has anything to do with it being easier to walk away, the reason it was easier for your guy was because he probably wasnt as attached to you as you were to him.

Someone Else
Because they are born users.

baskettball queen
sorry to say, but boys dnt knw how easy gurls fall in luv, n there not too sensative.

Oh, I've walked away from relationships without appearing at all bothered and I'm not even sure I was. It's not just a guy thing. It's just that women are more trained to show their emotions while men are trained to have two basic emotions anger and more anger. It's a false reality we live in.

mother thereza
i'll tell u why..cause some women get too damn clingy and they feel as though they cant bloody well do without a man and go all weepy, like some snivelling bimbo just bcuz the man left them...some women give guys the bad habit..they allow the men to feel that they're God's gift to women....when that happens those guys feel they're "stunners" and can get any girl they like, so it's more easier to walk away when they are fed up of one woman and move on to another!!!--some women on the other hand cry and get depressed...they should be going out and enjoyin themselves with girlfriends--nothings wrong with being sad, but they must not let it devour them!!!--DONT B CLINGY!!

Good Question!
Sooo true though!! Women show more feelings in a relationship and sometimes show a little too much feelings for this person!! Sometimes in the relationship the guy may not even like you and are just using you other times he could be trying to hold his feelings in because hes a,"MAN" and is too tough to show emotion! Women also tend to get really emotional even if its something simple!! Not all women but most!! Men just have their own ways of handling things!!

its never ezy,ure tough outside bt realy torn on the inside....

Men are genetically programmed to seek quantity of partners before they seek the qualities of a single mate. It drives us women crazy but that's just the way it is. They may be "bothered" somewhat by the ending of a relationship, but they've also been trained not to wear their emotions on their sleeves.

We as women also tend to gravitate toward the alpha male or "bad boy". When we seek these guys out hoping to tame them or "make" them fall in love with us we're setting ourselves up for failure at the beginning and shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't work out.

simple.guys r hardly serious with girls & when they r then they do get hurt (but they dont show it ).And also girls are much emotional than guys so they always show their emotions

Some man and some woman find that or think that it will hurt less if that just walk away and not look back, but they both find out in the long run that it hurts just as much no matter how it is done. Heartache is never easy to get over.

They are less emotional .

Christine S
Probably because they already have another woman lined up for their next relationship. They aren't really walking away from a relationship, they've found a better one. Opportunists!

karen e
I think it does bother them but they show it much diffrently then us woman..They seem like they never cared and move on quick.We cry and then get spiteful...Dontt worry you where better off to not have him .it hurts for a while but the best guy will be in your life soon

actually it is not easy. being an *** hole, some times is the way to purposly keep the two of you apart, till all of that pain starts to go away.
Woman are equally as good, when ripping of hearts comes around. Just because the dude may be a good looking pretty boy, does not mean, that your cinderella fantisies are going to come true.

Your statement is not an absolute. I know some women who are able to do the same thing.

no idea...but it happens

M l
My wife had no problem walking away!!

Actually you're wrong. Women are proven more 'heartless' than men and walk away much more readily because they have the support of society. Men cheat more and women leave them. Sorry, it's a statistical fact.

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