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Why is marriage less valued now than it was 20 years ago, 50 years ago, 100 years ago?
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Why is marriage less valued now than it was 20 years ago, 50 years ago, 100 years ago?

What has made the value of marriage as an institution deteriorate so rapidly and so drastically? It saddens me. What happened?


A growing number of people are being taught a sense of entitlement. The idea of "I'm special, no matter what I do, how hard I work, or what I say".

No one is special by default. No one "deserves" a happy life, it has to be earned.

Sadly, many people think otherwise, and when their marriage doesn't put them in a constant state of bliss, they leave their significant other.

marriage is seen as a fairytale anymore.... people don't understand that happiness is in the moments, not a "forever good feeling". My question is: Why do people expect so much out of marriage?? Why do people expect things to be different?? The only change is the commitment you make to the other person, and with divorce rates climbing that doesn't seem to matter.....It is a shame, but we (society in general) are more worried about ourselves to even think of our partners

Danielle K
my marriage isnt less valued then marriages were back in the day...i very much respect my marriage and the commitment...i think it is sad that so many people do not...i think that americans (? hope you are talking about americans) are greedy i want what i want people and throw it away when i am done with it.....it is a product of how spoiled we have become in a society when we can have whatever we want....i sound like a old lady but my values are old fashioned i was taught as a child that your family is your heart and i do not take my heart lightly

people aren't willing to put effort into anything anymore and we get bored more I think life has just become so easy. 50-100 years ago people worked so hard that the relationship was the easy thing in life and loving each other was what they looked forward to these days people are lazy and people always want things to stay entertaining and always want something that stands out and people aren't happy just loving each other.

Morality changed...

look around on here (yahoo answers), one night stands are normal, STD's are not so bad as long as revenge is involved...swapping partners is just fine as long as the other partner has control over whom is with whom....

People lost morality, walked away from God, humanity fell to monatizing everything, men are being falsely accused at such a rate, society is being fear mongered into fearing all men, they are being pushed to the very edge of society.

but it is cyclical, if you look at Roman history, the same thing happened then too, men were pushed to the fringes of society, walked away from women and families, but this time it is worse...women became the ONLY protected gender, a special interest, chattel of "state" this time around....

sadly the human race suffers this time


BK 2008
It isn't valued because society has accepted behaviors as ok that didn't used to be. Living together, having children out of wedlock were all looked down upon. Slowly, those things were accepted... after time they became the norm. We are responsible for our morals. Sadly, the morals of America have been going downhill for a long time.

because women can sat on thier asses and have everything given to them by order of the state, including the kids, the guys pension, his social securiy, in the mean time she remarries and still retains all the first husband has to give her. get the picture,, marriage is a business for females at the expense of the males life,

Lanie L
Years ago, the word divorce was taboo. No one uttered the word muchless considered it because it was shunned by society. I don't think people are any less happy than they were years ago, I think they are less willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. People have accepted the idea of divorce and it is now acceptable to society where 20 year ago it was not acceptable.

Linkin Park Rules!! (3)
cuz general society has decayed since our grandparents time. ppl don't value the family values anymore, and that's basically what's wrong. and now if ppl want to say or think like that was decades ago, they are ridiculed, and its not right

Two reason i can think of as to why marriages doesn't last as long as yesteryear.

1) Married couples today won't put up with cheating or physical abuse like they did back then.
2) Couples just don't have the will or comment to stay and works things out it's easier to just walk away and find another.
You hear people say they take marriage seriously but they can't not when they walk away from a partner who just make a mistake. Without even given them a chance to prove their love and devotion. The horrible part is they still love their partner but left all because their proud was hurt.
You constantly hear people on here Q&A give the same advise and that is to leave walk away you don't deserve to be treated like that. Without even knowing that person they are telling them to walk away. If i felt like most i would have walked awy also but i stayed and I'm glad i did because he has proven to me over and over again and again how much he loves me. Married 30 years next month.

kim h
Women also have options now. Back then they stayed in bad marriages because they had no choice. They were the property of their husband and their families made them believe that they were not good women to think otherwise.

People are too lazy to work for anything and think they are entitled to everything.

Equality for women.

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