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Why is my husband still playing games?
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Why is my husband still playing games?

I found out that my husband is still seeing his mistress. He has been going to her house during his lunch breaks and sneaking off to her house after work some nights.

He had an affair for 2 1/2 years and they lived together for 1. He begged to come home and finally did. So why can't he just let go of the mistress? He acts like everything is okay when he is at home, but he is still seeing her. I just don't understand. I think he is just sad and misses her, but I think he will stop seeing her. I want to be with him.


Do you really want to know why your Husband does what he does to you? It's a simple answer really. It's because YOU LET HIM. Wake up call.. he is probably never going to leave her alone. He more than likely is in love with her. And, if he seems sad around you it's more than likely because he would rather be with her. Reality check, what you have with your Husband is not love. Atleast on his part. Because, when you are in love with someone you don't cheat on them or do things that could cause the two of you distress. Get some self esteem about yourself and let that fool go. But, if you are that desperate to keep a man that you would allow him to do all that he's doing..by all means stay with your Husband. I'm sure there are a million guys out there though that would LOVE to have a passive wife like you.. One to just sit at home and allow them to have a piece on the side. Tsk tsk tsk.. please wake up.

You husband is playing games because he can. He knows you will not do anything about it and will keep taking him back.

Have more respect for yourself. He has none for you. Get an attorney, get a divorce. You deserve to be with someone that only loves you.

D - I - V - O - R - C - E
A - L - I - M - O - N - Y

More importantly...why are you settling for a man that has a mistress? You must not have any self esteem and little respect for yourself if you stay with a man that has a mistress on the side...

Kick his butt out.

Paul B
Steal his money first and then get a great divorce lawyer

Miranda K
ditch him you so dont need that

You deserve more than this, don't accept this treatment. You need to either stamp this out - giving your husband an ulitmatum or leave him for good. He will carry on seeing this woman behind your back unless he knows your serious.

runnin w' scizzors
You are sweet. A complete fool, but sweet.

Luv2no is in the house
Forget it. I got back with my husband after an affair with home wrecker. We got together and one night I found his phone hidden stating he didn't know what their future will be. I woke him up at 2:00 in the morning and made him leave immediately. Once a cheater always a cheater. I loved my husband with all my heart just like you do but my happiness is my main priority in my life not his. Why risk your health like that?

The key here, darling, is taht you're letting him have hiscake and eat it too. You want to be with someone who cheats, lies, and abuses your emotions?

Get yourself some counseling and kick the bum out. He's using you. And you know it, he probably knows you know it, and you're letting it happen. What a good doormat you are!

should you really be with someone whos going to continue cheating on you? you should really consider a divorce

I hate to say this, but you are pitiful!!! I mean I really hate to say this, but you are the typical wife who gets cheated on and whines "WHY ME", why? Because your gutless. STAND UP for yourself and stop being the victim. If he wants her, then let his sorry butt go. And YOU MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THAT CRAP THAT YOUR DOING!!!!!!!

Kelly B.
Are you really that desperate?
That you are willing to forgive someone even though they lied, you gave him a chance, and re-lied.. and keeps lying.. and you know this will never end?

You can't be that desperate!

¸.�*´`*� Layla �*´`*�.¸
Aye reet.
I would just like to report that all the pigs are fed and ready to fly.

Military Chick
He is not worth it if he is treating you that way. No one deserves to be cheated on.

to answer the question why is he still playing games...because YOU'RE letting him win.
I'm very sorry, but either leave him, or go get yourself a boyfriend..I wouldnt want to be with a man who cheats on me...but if you love him enough to forgive him then he needs to put a stop to this, he could wind up getting an STD or getting the mistress pregnant..
something needs to happen soon, good luck!

shanney fan
My question is why do you want to be with a man who obviously would rather be with someone else? Please get a clue. Try couples therapy or talk to a clergyperson or a lawyer. Gee wiz. He sounds like he ain't in to you anymore.

dennis h
Does he abuse you verbally or physically?
Does he spend money going out with her and not you?
Is he compassionate to you?
Does he listen to your problems and concerns?
If you answer yes or no it doesn't matter!!!



Blue eyes, I hate to break it to you but he is still having an affair. He strikes me as the type of man that will play both ends to the middle. After all, you and his mistress are sort of embracing this behavior. I am willing to bet that when things aren't going so well at the mistress', he asks to come home, and when things get hairy at home, he runs back to the mistress.

He continues to play games because you are enabling him to. As long as you and his girlfriend allow this he will continue. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Itchy B
love does strange things to peeps.
do what you think is best for you

Because he can!! You should go see a counselor, and get some self esteem girl! Why after all this time are you giving him the power on weather to be with her? Kick his sorry a@@ to the curb!!!

darrell m
no he won't stop seeing her not till he find another or she dumps him. why do you stick around? love or not he ain't trustworthy and you don't deserve to be treated the way he is treating you.

Tiffany H
Why are you even putting yourself through this? He is playing games because you are not doing anything about it. You took him back after 2 1/2 years of cheating and he left to live with her for one. Then he begs to come home and you let him!!!! That is why! You really need to leave him and move on. Find a real man that will want to be with you and only you.

Elemental Silver
I personally think that a man, (myself being one), should not be disloyal to the one he loves. So if he's seeing her, he loves her more then you. So, to make both of you happy, I would just let him go and move on, don't play along with this game of his.

As long as you and the mistress accepted him back he's going to bounce between the two of you as long as he can. Get some self respect about yourself, get your money right and divorce his sorry a**!

Andrew M
You both may want to consider counseling if you want to save the marriage. I have never experienced this but know it must be painful. Also, if both of you find out who you are and what your passions are in life and what each other really want, this may help. I hope that this gets resolved for you.. I am sorry to hear this.

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