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Why wont my wife open up to me?
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Why wont my wife open up to me?

I ve told her everything about my past, shes so amazing that she made me want to tell her everything but she keeps certain subjects close to her chest and wont even discuss them, it makes me feel she doesn't trust me and it stings a little, what i do, back off and leave it alone i don't want to force her, that would be wrong, what i do?


i agree with all these answers so i that's all i am gonna say

My husband and I have exactly the same problem. I feel he won't open up to me so I used to try to push but it only made things worse. Now that I have been trying to back off he is sharing alot more with me.

When she feels comfortable enough she will open up to you.

All you can do is let her know how you feel. It's up to her to make the choice of what she feels comfortable in relating to you.

Back off and let her take it all in first, don't force the subject ever!

Definitely back off! No matter how much you have confided, apparantly there are things she is not ready to tell you. Everyone needs their space, their time and their memories. Don't assume there is something in her past that she is hiding, she might just be treasuring some things in her past and will always want to keep them to herself. I am in the playpen with sweet mildred.

Redhead Mom
Just be patient and wait until and IF she is ready to open up to you.

Pushing her to open up will just make her uncomfortable and not want to discuss her past.

You have to wait until she is ready to open up.

Come on, be more sensible and don't prode the past of a lady, you may come to regret the rest of your remaining life why you asked her so!! Just continue loving her as per your marriage vows and see her as she is now to you and do not live on your imaginery past life of hers!! hope this helps...

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