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Why would a husband hide their pay-stub from his wife?
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Why would a husband hide their pay-stub from his wife?


Stephen K
Perhaps he is not maksing as much as he says, as he may be doing overtime without actually doing overtime

G.(A).J <T>
So he can say he's broke.

Avoid buying her anything.

Because he doesn't want you to know how much he is making because he is probably wasting that money on something and he doesn't want you to find out about it... THINK.

So she doesn't know how much money he makes, so he can spend X amount of dollars on anything he wants (or possible a girlfriend).

mine did that to save up for a divorce. he's such a creep.

Marci S
For some reason he doesn't want his wife to know what he makes. They need to talk.

He is dishonest and has something to hide. Is your hubby doing this? If so thats a big deal.

I hate to put negative thoughts in your head that could endanger your relationship, but usually men do that when they're cheating so the wife cannot see that he's spending money on something/someone else.

He doesnt want you to see his is paying child support/allimony.

There are a few things I can think of:
1. He got a pay cut and doesn't want her to know.
2. He overstated (or understated) his salary and doesn't want her to know what it really is.
3. He got a big bonus but doesn't want his wife to blow the cash on some big purchase, so he's hiding it.
4. His pay is being garnished for child support for kids his wife doesn't know exist.

Maybe he's saving up to buy you a wonderful gift!

Brandi H
He shouldnt be..

Ask to see it... hes hiding something...

So he can have money for his own toys or adventures. He'll set a certain amount each month in a different account for his own use.

so she has no idea how much he makes

he trying to hide how much money he makes.

Patricia M
He's hiding something.

he's transferring some secret stashes to his cayman island or swiss accounts, which mean he's planning a divorce.

hire a private I, and see what he;s up to.

Robert G
Not that I want to get him into trouble but He might have a pay roll deduction that he does not want her to know about. But with me
I Leave my pay stub on the kitchen table. If she can figure it out
Good luck to her

maybe unbenounced to you he's missed time from work and doesn't want to be accountable for the time lost ;)

Ask him about it. There should be trust in your relationship, tell him no games.

Random 22
he doesn't want you to share it lol

Has he been telling you he has been working overtime?

He may not want you to know he really hasn't been.

Maybe he has child support being deducted, or any other contributions or payments he doesn't want you to know about.

Or maybe he feels that how much he brings home is none of her business, and doesn't want to have someone badgering him about where his last nickle went.

Just wait til you file your income taxes, you'll know then if you file jointly.

Nikki ?
Cause he's probably making more then he says he does, and he's spending the rest of it on his mistress.

Alexandria Blackman
So that he can set aside money for his girlfriend.

Because he made more than he admitted, to spend extra on his mistress.

Wow that sounded so cynical, but I have no other reason to come up with.

~when it rains, it pours~
The first guy has it exactly right. Wow.

Why oh why do men get married...I just don't get it.

so she wouldn"t spend the money

he might be ashamed of how little he makes.
he may think that the wife won't appreciate him as much.
the wife may make more then him and he doesn't feel like the "man" of the house and he doesn't want the wife to know.

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